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How to Close More Deals with Effective Sales Management?


“Are your agents stuck with manual dialing?”

If your agents are trying to reach customers manually then you are losing on the valuable leads that can help you put the best foot forward. So, are you communicating effectively with your customers and delivering personalized services to them? Businesses largely depend upon the quality leads and the numbers get really depressing when they have to compromise on Agent Productivity and Lead Quality.

What are we changing for businesses? In a live conversation with Gaurav Singh Dharamshaktu, Product Marketing Manager at Ameyo and Suhaas Shenoy, Director – Customer Success at Leadsquared, we have driven insights for businesses that will help in prioritizing the leads with an effective sales management system.

What are the challenges of Lead Management?

Manual dialing and disintegration is the source of the poor lead management system and it impacts the sales cycle with less conversion. Small businesses that are still relying on excel sheets or disintegrated calling systems witness lower call coverage resulting in low customer acquisitions.

  1. Limited Context: Agents are following the age-old script to pitch their products to the customers without knowing their requirements. A customer who’s interested in education loan might disconnect the call when the agent starts his pitch with, “I am calling to help you with home loan queries.” Businesses lose their valuable customers because of the limited context of customer details and interests.
  2. Manual Dialing: “It’s a wrong number”, is the common response when agents dial manually. Humans are prone to errors and this reduces the call connect rate and results in low query resolution. Agents fail to connect to the right customer while they invest their energy in dialing manually and making notes in disintegrated software.
  3. No Team Collaboration: First Call Resolution becomes a rare thing when agents fail to work in sync with the team. A customer might land up in the wrong queue and because of the lack of features like Real-time Conference, Call Transfer, Whisper and more, agents will fail to resolve their query in one go.
  4. Poor Supervision: Supervisors are bottlenecked with managing multiple campaigns and queues and monitoring each agents’ performance on a daily basis becomes a hassle for them. Due to poor supervisory model, agents do not get the support needed to resolve the queries.
  5. Fresh Lead Calling: Agents end up wasting their time in leads that have a lower conversion rate. They cannot distinguish between the high score leads and low score leads with an effective CRM integration.

How Ameyo Leadsquared Integration Solves These Pertinent Challenges?

  1. Single Sign-On: How would you like it if you didn’t have to remember multiple passwords? With two-way synchronization, Ameyo Leadsquared CTI Integration allows agents to log in directly without having to enter the password multiple times.
  2. Quality Engagement: What if agents were given a preview of customer details and conversation history when they are on call with customers? This will eliminate the need to ask repetitive questions like “What’s your Customer ID?” Leadsquared pulls the data from CRM to give the context of the conversation to agents allowing them to resolve queries in one go.
  3. Lead Scoring: Leadsquared associates a score to each lead on predefined parameters which makes it easy for agents to work on the leads with a higher conversion rate. Lead quality could be defined while keeping an ideal persona in mind and agents will be shown the critical leads on their dashboards matching the defined persona.
  4. Quick Call Functionalities: Ameyo Leadsquared Integration allows agents to Transfer, Whisper, and Confer the call in real-time to increase First Call Resolution rate significantly. They can add notes and dispose call for further follow-ups in a single interface and the information gets auto-updated in CRM.
  5. Avail Call Logs: Call logs are important for businesses to avoid any discrepancies. Call recordings could be easily accessed through CRM and supervisors can closely monitor these calls to set examples for the team and train them to have qualified conversations with customers.
  6. Schedule A Callback: Customers really appreciate when their time is valued by the businesses. Customers can request a callback when there is high call volume and they will not have to wait in the queue for long. Agents can initiate a callback for customers according to their preferred time.

Ameyo Leadsquared Integration helps organizations build a Customer-First environment with the right sales management system to effectively close more deals. From Lead Generation to Lead Conversion, the sale cycle becomes simple with automation tools and agents Average Handling Time reduces significantly resulting in more call connects and more business.

For more details Request a demo and learn how to boost agent’s productivity with CRM Integration.

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