Contact Center Essentials: A Robust Reporting Tool

 Contact centers deal with customers each and every minute. Factors like agent performance during each call, customer response to agent, whether sale/collection has been made, how many sales/collections are made per hour, how many calls answered, rejected, or cut abruptly, etc., are important to measure the overall business efficiency and productivity. These are just a few factors and analyzing them is not an easy task. Imagine analyzing each and every minute of a call center in that case!

What does Reporting do?

Reporting is an analysis of the key metrics of a business. It gives a detailed view of how each and every agent is performing, how the product is performing, how the customers are reacting, and how successful the business is. It is done with the presentation of data textually (including simple text, tables) or graphically (graphs, charts, diagrams, flows) which were collected from various sources.

For any business, Reporting is an integral component of the customer interaction management system for tracking and monitoring data (real-time and historical). It defines process efficiency metrics and reviews organizational performance at every level.

Why do you need real time and historical Reporting?

The reporting tool allows supervisors to view performance of key metrics and gives a detailed view of how the business is performing.

Management loves numbers. Monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports which companies generate determine the budget spend and forecasts for the coming year. They are therefore important in determining what area the company will focus on more to increase revenue. However, the collection of raw and unstructured data does not help in making informed decisions. Businesses need to organize and meaningfully present the data for it to become an asset.

Contact centers should use both real time and historical reporting to ensure that the metrics are performing as per their targets, if any changes need to be made and where, etc.

Benefits of reporting

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