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Did you know? Superior CX Drives Higher Revenue and Growth For A Business


The aim of every organization is to provide the best customer experience along with employee empowerment. One of the ways of doing this is by focusing on the organizational culture. How does it impact an organization’s success? Let us answer these questions in the initial section. Then, we will move on to see how a Customer Centric organizational culture helps improve the Customer Experience (CX) which in turn drives revenue and growth of an organization.

Why Customer Experience Matters?
In today’s digital age, customers have become a lot more empowered. This has come from increased awareness and choice. It is becoming increasingly difficult to win  the mind and heart  of a customer.

“ It’s more expensive to find new customers than to retain existing ones.”

A lot of research has been done about the importance of Customer Experience in retaining customers and overall customer satisfaction. Following are some of the statistics to substantiate the same

An enterprise’s relationship with its customers is much more than just offering the products or reducing the wait time to avail a service. It is important to value the customer journey. From the first point of contact between the customer and the organization, to the last, all are important. Every interaction is monitored and later analyzed to bestow unmatched customer service. These touch points are a company’s Moments of Truth. It is all about putting the customer at the core of the business. Only then will an organization be able to develop a long term customer centric culture as well as foster growth and profit.

“Every Moment of Truth helps us create customer memory”

– Rahul Zutshi , GM Corporate Strategy & Marketing Head, Ameyo
(at 2nd Edition of CX Strategy Summit 2017)

Customer Experience and ROI

An old saying goes “A happy customer is a loyal customer.” This couldn’t be more true. Apart from providing services and building products, a major goal of any organization is to gain profits.

“Customers who had the best past experiences spend 140% more compared to those who had the poorest past experiences”

– Peter Kriss, Harvard Business Review

Following are some of the ways by which good customer experience impacts ROI :

Strategies to Improve Overall Experience of Customers

Having established the fact that CX is a necessity of the time to retain and find new customer, let us now look at some of the strategies that aim at revitalizing customer service and experience-


Customer Experience has become a battleground. We can expect to see the top brands fighting it out on this in the future. CX is an ongoing relationship that an organization builds and nurtures. Previously, there were notions that CX is primarily qualitative but now we have enough research to quantitatively substantiate its impact on revenue of an organization. Having a customer centric culture can be first step towards providing best CX.

When the organization acknowledges the importance of customer experience, it also encourages and motivates the employees to emphasise on CX during their customer interactions. Narendra Mansukhani, Head of Guest Experience, Jet Airways further emphasised the need to discover more-effective ways to collaborate across functions and levels, a process that delivers gains throughout the company in his speech at the Summit. With continued effort, CX will become like second nature.

Ameyo participated at the recently concluded 2nd Edition of CX Strategy Summit 2017at Bangalore, where we discussed in length about the impending need for businesses to go beyond customer service KPIs and instead focus on creating customer memories. After all, its  the memories that stick with us for the longest time.

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