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Haven’t been a part of Drishti for as long as i have been a part of my family, but never at Drishti I have spent a moment that felt any different. Yes, It is family!
If I look back at my innumerable past experiences, working for my previous employers, the relationship I shared with them was great, but having the comfort of family has no comparisons.
A little stress on my memory, that favorite moment with family repeated too often was the evening TV time. Back in the 1990s the comfort of multiple TVs at home did not exist and everybody gathering at the same place at the same time without any coordination was not a thing of appreciation. What reminded me of this unforgettable scenario is my experience at our monthly event at RnD labs – Chaupal.
I have had numerous experiences of enjoying at workplace and sharing knowledge at the same time, believe me – this runs in an engineer’s DNA, but yesterday’s experience completely blew me. I may lack words to explain my experience but the feeling of completeness is a rarity to find, and when the same is clubbed with variety & joy it becomes a fool-proof power pack punch to boost the enthusiasm of everyone involved. Well, every high-energy event does have dull moments, and I was a true fan after realizing that I could not experience a single dull moment through out the day, infact I never lost interest. The only way I feel to detail my experience is that I felt to be part of an entire episode of BIG-BANG THEORY.
Oh, and did I miss a part? Do you still know what was the event about? The Organizer? Well, it was a SWAT-team unit from within our big RnD team organizing it for the remaining part of our team. The connect becomes even better when members within the team are organizing a day-long event for the other team members. The activities we were involved in were nothing that could be found on internet, or be done by the best of trainers, the fun part was that these activities were the self-worked-upon brainchild of our own team comprising of all technical, logical, illogical, lateral thinking, communication, co-ordination, and all such words in my knowledge. Experiencing all of this at one single platform is nothing less that witnessing an unexpected rainbow.
All I can close this with is that my team is One Unit, be it work or fun, and we know what we are best at and at our prerogative, we shall suffice to prove our point. We may individually just be soldiers of the team, but we shall collectively define our capabilities and empower ourselves to rule the future.

Well, and at the End of Day who minds having left with an exhausted body and smiling face. We can achieve that in a defined time slot. We are RnD@Drishti.


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