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How Ameyo Heat Map Enables Contact Center Agents to Work More Effectively & Efficiently

Customer Experience Solution

 Which customer or ticket should I heed to?

This is the eternal question for every agent at his/her work on a daily basis. With the increase in the number of channels and interaction levels, the amount of data inflow has increased exponentially over the last few years. It has become a challenge to prioritize the huge influx of tickets, and a great deal of time is lost in the decision making process. Agents need to mentally crunch multiple factors to decide on which ticket to address and prioritize on the critical & important ones. In case a critical ticket (like processing request from a high value client) is missed out, it would mean a great loss to the business. 

Imagine if there was a system/technology which could take these various variables into account and prioritize the tickets for you to take action upon. No more time wastage on decision making and the agents could concentrate on addressing the customer problems more efficiently.

Ameyo’s Heat Map feature does exactly that!!

Launched recently as part of the Ameyo FusionCX, an All-in-one OmniChannel Customer Experience solution, heat map assists the agents by delivering the next best ticket by assessing various factors like ticket status, ticket priority etc. The heat map solution takes such factors which are relevant based on the industry and creates a color coded heat index. The heat index represents the importance or criticality of the ticket and how urgently it needs to resolved. Below is a picture of the agent interaction history and various tickets raised against them. The tickets give details of source, customer & agent name, ticket sla and others along with the color coded heat index. The heat index Red, Orange, Yellow, Green signify the importance and criticality of the ticket in the descending order.

Ameyo Heat Map.jpg

How does the Heat Map Index work?

Ameyo enables the businesses to customize key factors which are important as per their industry to be injected into the heatmap for analysis. For example, in case of banking industry, Net Worth of Individual is a key factor and needs to be included whereas it might not be that relevant for a food delivery service industry.

Ameyo by default analyzes factors like Status of the ticket, SLA of the ticket, Priority of the ticket, No of messages not answered and Sentiment to help the agents with the next best tiHeat Index Color Coding.jpgcket to be addressed. The businesses assign weightages to each of the factors based on their importance and as per the status of the ticket, these factors are internally rated on a scale of 0 to 1. A weighted average of these factors, a value between 0 to 1 is pushed to the system to assign a heat index color code.

The below table gives a glimpse into the weightages and how a ticket is assigned a heat index color code.



Subfactor (0 to 1)
















No of Msgs not answered


0 -1





Based on text analysis, a value between 0 to 1 is assigned

Heat Index

Green (0-0.25)

Yellow (0.25-0.50)

Orange (0.50-0.75)

Red (0.75-1.0)

Imagine a customer who is of high priority reaches out to the customer service desk for the first time in regard to a particular problem he/she is facing. A ticket is created against his/her query by the front office for the back office to take action upon. When the ticket is opened, and a initial response is provided, considering the customer query has no aggravated text and is pleasant, the heat index ranges more than 0.50 and is color coded Orange. The tickets are refreshed in real time and the heat index gets updated every 5 minutes. As soon as action is taken, the heat index is changed and the color code is assigned accordingly. The smart mode feature available within the ticket list view, arranges the tickets as per the descending order of their heat index, enabling the agents to allocate more efforts on solving customer queries.

Heat Map Smartmode.jpg

Ameyo heat map eliminates the need for the customer experience executives to decide on which ticket to address though advanced intelligence thereby delivering enhanced performance and high ticket coverage. The heat index ensures that no critical tickets are lost in translation, ensuring great customer experience and optimization.

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