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Helpdesk Automation: The Next Big Thing in Ticket Management


In today’s technology-driven world, people expect no less than 100% perfection in their lives as technology has changed the needs and wants of customers. Customers demand speed and precision in everything around them. Now customers not only crave for a 30 minutes delivery for their Pizza but they seek hyper-sonic fulfillment for all of their wants. In this dynamic arena, we observe businesses competing for faster delivery options, quick payment options, and what not to save customers’ time.

All of this has lead to a drastic change in call center software solutions and help desk software solutions. To let businesses sustain, automation has become a core component of the contact center infrastructure (CCI). This has changed the way customer engagement centers (CEC) work these days. It’s a prerequisite for a contact center solution to focus on automated efficiency so that the service agents put in less time on routine activities, and more time in enriching the customer experience, driving customer loyalty and broadening the lifetime value of their customer base.

In this age where automation is dominating the world, business workflows are being designed to run on an auto-pilot mode. Business workflows are the skeleton of any organization, hidden from the outside world but they make all the difference to how things turn out. The key to limit waste of human potential is by choosing the right processes to automate. 

In customer service domain, helpdesk automation relieves customer service agents of monotonous repetitive customer service interactions, enables smart ticket assignment, manages SLA, automates follow-ups and streamlines the complete workflow.

How Ameyo Helps in Helpdesk Automation?

Ameyo helps in simplifying the complexities by letting the users create and customize the workflows for ticket resolution. Ameyo help desk software solution’s administrator UI has options to configure rules that function as its foundation building blocks in ticket management. They drive the time-bound and automated ticket distribution and assignment, SLA management, ticket escalations, and notifications handling for better ticket management. Ameyo’s rules engine understands your business hours and can be tailor-made for your business process flows.

Let Ticket Automatically Reach Its “Right Man”

Routing Tickets to the right team in right time increases credibility. It establishes a trust in customers that they are being heard. Ameyo’s Routing Rules distribute the tickets to the most suitable agent to handle the customer’s queries in hand following a stringent time frame.

Provide Agents a Bigger Picture With Intelligent Grouping

Customer Service personnel often struggle to get all the ticket data in one coherent view wherein customer’s related queries can be viewed in one screen. Ameyo’s administrator panel offers options to set criterion to auto-merge customer’s tickets. This saves agent’s manual efforts in getting the complete visibility of ticket information.

Take Pre-emptive Actions with Automation In Place

Tackling customer issues and resolving their tickets efficiently and effectively needs a productive workforce as well as appropriate tools to empower them. Automating notifications for external and internal stakeholders is fundamental for a successful SLA management. Moreover, assigning or transferring tickets to ensure a timely action in ticket handling needs accuracy and speed.  This reduces average ticket handling time and results in a streamlined proactive support.

Ameyo’s Event-based triggers can be set to work on the operational workflows of your business. With event-based ticketing system automation, the help desk administrator has access to Multiple Configurable Workflow options, which facilitates configurations for auto updates, auto-assignment, auto-escalating tickets.

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Streamlining Ticketing System Workflows Based on Time-bound Events

Configuring auto-checks for time since the ticket is created or assigned saves manager’s time to focus on monitoring more important tasks and setting resolution plans in an hour of chaos. Ameyo’s administrator panel lets businesses to configure time-based rules and the criterion or conditions that are to be checked on set time intervals.

Are you looking up for a solution that can help you minimize the support ticket turnaround time and take off that extra manual efforts from your customer support team to resolve a ticket? Make your lives easier with Ameyo Fusion CX, a complete solution to set you on the mark to take on all the automation challenges.

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