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From fast moving life, crowded local train and highly professional life where people really don’t have time to talk to each other, I joined Drishti on 18/12/2012 to find a family of friends, and a wealth of knowledge. I really loved the way HR introduced me to each and every one on the first day. I felt very good to receive the warm welcome from the employees of Drishti. I slowly started getting familiar with Drishti’s way and interacted with our CEO to find openness and freedom of expression in our discussions. Now after spending so many days with you all good people, I can say that the proverb has come true for me “people make the company”.

Here one thing I like the most is ‘togetherness’ and even I experienced some nice things which include the tea break in the garden and the lunch break in canteen with all the Drishtians. I really love the garden of company and every time I see the flowers on it I feel fresh. Whether it’s a birthday or a marriage anniversary of any Drishtians to attending meetings or to brainstorm a project at a short notice we Drishtians are enjoying everything, all the time. Here each success is celebrated by distributing bums as a gesture of youthful exuberance in this vibrant company. Yet I have a year of working experience in the company, I have to learn a lot from my experienced chairman and my dynamic managing director. I would love to experience many things in this company.
I would like to thank the company for giving me the opportunity to work with underprivileged children through their CSR initiative SHIKSHA SANKALP. This experience served as an eye opener for me. It was a feeling of great satisfaction to teach and mentor these kids. I would recommend that spreading literacy should be a form of civic duty and must be taken up by those in position to help. Drishti is now a place that I can call home for me and my thoughts.
We recently went through a change in locations as well, and are now at one of the key centers of commerce and IT in the millennium city that is Gurgaon. It serves rightfully as a location for our growing company which is ready to take on competition and delight customers across the globe. I feel proud to state that only MNC’s can imbibe a professionalism and fun at work, Drishti is an example that Indian companies are no less.

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