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Hop in to the Future of Customer Experience with Artificial Intelligence


What’s your initial perception when you hear about Artificial Intelligence?
I think, I can read your mind. So, you imagine a complete digital aura around you with robots taking over everything or may be something like that. May be in future you can see that too but in present what I am talking is how Artificial Intelligence can drive amazing customer experiences. Let us begin by understanding what artificial intelligence actually is and how can it be adopted to better serve the customers.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the science that helps computer programs perform like human beings based on the information stored that might include past behaviour patterns, problem solving capabilities, huge knowledge repository etc. With the increased use of digital mediums, customers these days are finding it way too useful to interact on mediums like live chat, email or even social media. Thus, AI if properly synthesized can produce amazing results in customer service department by feeding it with past customer service logs, customer behaviour patterns, soft-skills etc.

In the coming years, as per Gartner, businesses will compete mainly on Customer Experience. The time has come where companies should find ways to revolutionize their customer service operations and move towards “Do It Yourself” Concept. But to extract results out of AI, companies should lay importance on researching tons of data, store past customer data on cloud and most importantly continuously revive the data with latest changes. In addition to this, organizations must also track customer feedback and set goals to deliver future ready solutions

Benefits of Artificial intelligence to deliver future ready customer experience:

Efficient utilization of data: One of the major challenges that organizations have been facing is the difficulty of converting big data into a useful one. Artificial intelligence being accepted as a common industry trend has not only swiped out the difficulties in tackling different customers but has also provided organizations with the benefit of managing things on their fingertips. Making sense out of the raw consumer data and utilizing it for making advanced predictions is one of the most critical part in determining the future ROI but with the help of AI organizations have been able to generate huge opportunity.

Improved customer service: Organizations with the help of AI supported speech recognition have been able to provide seamless service.  Analytics is important in every industry and by capturing customer speech and text interaction, organizations can go beyond their traditional servicing programs. The key words captured can be utilized for service enhancements. Organizations can also get a fair idea on the best possible medium for communicating with customer and can accordingly revive their business strategy.

Streamlined process: organizations are exploring dozens of opportunities for streamlining their business process. The main obstacle that is keeping them away from giving extraordinary performance is the kind of customer experience platform they have been using in delivering services. It is of utmost importance for organization to use a software that has intelligent capabilities. Generally, customers go through different channels for searching the relevant information which is a time consuming process. AI has the capability of streamlining business process by making the data available to customers in new ways. What is being done over here is a very unique process in which the intelligent software captures and analyzes the information being searched by the customer on the basis of which the quick information is provided.

Enhanced user experience: In order to gain competitive edge in the market, it is very important for organizations to define their USP. Ease of use and customized services are the two major differentiator that is capturing the hearts of users. Customers today want everything effortlessly, be it a service being provided by any organization or a purchase being made from any website. The kind of experience that an organization delivers decides the rate of success and failure. With Artificial intelligence organizations can take user experience to the next level whether it is an in-app experience or the ability to delight customers when in need.

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