How a Call Center Can Take Advantage of the Speech Recognition Technology

The capability of a program or a machine to identify phrases or words in a particular spoken language or natural speech and then turn them into a format that can be read by machines is known as speech recognition. Speech Recognition application is used in a call center for handling the incoming calls of the customers.
Donna Fuss had said that there are some sophisticated forms of IVR or interactive voice response systems that make use of speech recognition technique for allowing their customers to speak for system interaction rather than pressing the various buttons on their phones. Apart from an IVR system, other popular call center applications for speech recognition include voice search, voice dialing, and speech-to-text and call routing.
An important point to note here is that often the terms “speech recognition” and “voice recognition” are interchangeably used and yet they may denote different things. Voice recognition is used to denote a kind of technology for identifying the voice of a particular individual.
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Uses of Speech Recognition Technology
This technology is widely used in call centers to enhance customer satisfaction, cut costs and improve productivity. Though, this is one of the latest call center technologies, it has been a huge rage due to the advantages offered in a call center.
In recent years, speech recognition technology has gained immense popularity in the call center environments. Not only is this technology used in organizational setups but it is also used by individuals for the series of advantages provided by it. Today, one of the key merits of the speech recognition technology is the ability of dictation provided by it. It is easy for the users to create documents and control devices by simply speaking, thanks to this sophisticated technology.
Here is a technology that enables faster creation of documents as the software has an ability of typically producing words with the same speed as they are speaking. Thus the speed is much faster than it would have been if a person would have typed the same thing. Not only can the individuals make use of these dictation solutions provided by a speech recognition software, this software capability can be also used by the organizations that require huge volume of transcription tasks such as producing legal and healthcare documents. Speech recognition technology has an ability of making individual contributions to the companies. Those businesses that can provide the benefits of customer service with the help of technology for improving self-service in a manner that enhances customer experience can also bring down organizational costs.
It is now extremely easy for the callers to input different types of information including reason for their calling, account numbers, names via the capabilities of a voice recognition technology. All these can be done without any interaction with a live call center agent. Now that has a tremendous impact in the productivity of a call center as callers now need not remain idle while their calls are put on hold since the agents are busy with some other calls. Speech recognition technology has the ability of engaging their callers though there are no call center agents to attend their calls. That is the reason why a call center can do great cost savings by making effective use of a speech recognition technology. The cost savings can be implemented by removing or reducing the requirement of live call center agent without affecting the customer service.
Benefits offered by speech recognition technology
There is several call centers that face continuous challenges to balance their cost with customer satisfaction can deploy the voice recognition technology and thus benefit from a chain of advantages provided by these technology. To summarize the discussion, some of the ways through which a call center can benefit immensely from speech recognition technology are as follows.

Thus, speech recognition technology can function as an effective automation tool for customer service in many call centers. Some of the other key benefits of good speech recognition software are as follow:

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