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How to Enhance your Customer Experience with Social Media Monitoring


Mr. Henry after having a bad experience on a dinner date with his wife in a multi cuisine restaurant indulged in a conversation with the manager. He decided to walk out after stating “Do not worry, I will go on social media and rate you there.”
Later, the customer service executives of the restaurants were checking the social media pages to ensure that there were no negative reviews. In order to avoid consequences, they repeated the same process for the next two weeks and simultaneously ended up forgetting Mr. Henry’s words.
A month later, there was a negative feedback from Mr. Henry stating:
“Worst food…Worst service…Worst resolution… I don’t know why xyz restaurant is being trusted so much..Have anyone of you faced similar issue…Please share.”
Soon the post went viral resulting in reduced traffic and the website got flooded with negative comments. The restaurant’s customer service executive got to know about the damage two days after the post went viral and could not prevent the same. It took almost an year for them to recover from the damage imposed by their one unhappy customer.
But where did the restaurant go wrong?
As a business owner you cannot control your customers commenting on the services provided to them, but yes a timely resolution and consideration of the said issues might control the damage on your brand. Customers these days, trust Social platforms to be a place where they are heard most. The review posted by them can be good or bad, but this solely cannot attribute to your social media success. Instead it depends on the way your organization monitors and responds to the social media posts submitted on your page. A proper engagement plan on social media is one of the trends that has fascinated industries across regions and organizations have been swiftly moving towards the social media monitoring practices to better serve their customers. Social media monitoring helps you to understand customer’s insights and maintain positive sentiments for your brand. This is only possible with the help of a smart contact center technology that has the capability of monitoring interactions across channels.
The possible solution: As soon as the customer posted the negative review, the contact center technology could have raised a ticket on social media and at the same time notified the executive to reply to the review along with an apology and a further assistance backup. Thus, stopping the negative sentiment to flow freely and induce a sense of positive takeaway for the angry customer.
Top 3 benefits of integrating social media monitoring with your customer experience technology:
Real-time response: Quick resolution is the need of hour and customers these days are relying more on organizations that are more inclined towards maintaining service level quality excellence. With the help of a social media monitoring tool, organizations can simply exemplify the customer journey and can provide quick response as soon as the executive gets a notification on the query generated on social media.

Increased CLV: Nurturing existing relationship with customers and converting them into brand advocates is a much more easy task than spending bucks on different campaigns to fill in the sales pipeline. By improving customer satisfaction through social media, organizations can increase the chances of repeat purchase and good word of mouth allowing the likelihood of growth in organic traffic for an organization from the website.

Improved metrics: Having knowledge about customers is critical in today’s economy and social media is one of the best platforms to monitor trends and insights. With the help of a contact center technology, organizations have the power to track mentions about their brand, measure the sentiments of the customers, resolve the queries and identify different issues.
Social media has truly uncovered the weapon for customers to voice their opinion in front of others. But businesses can definitely fight with negative sentiments and create prolonged memories by deliberately using social media monitoring as a customer experience enhancement tool.

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