How to Minimize Customer Frustration with Estimated Wait Time


There is no other honest way of saying this – customers loathe waiting to get their queries answered or issues dealt by contact center reps. Conventionally, customers have to wait in queue to speak to a rep, without having the faintest idea about when their turn would come. 

Not being aware of the hold time severely hampers the customer experience, which adds to the frustration of the customer. Eventually, they are left fuming or opt to drop out of the queue.

We all know about Average Wait Time or AWT. Average Wait Time starts when the call hits the call center application and ends when the call is answered. What if we told you that you can renovate AWT and help customers evade the irritation of call holding?

We at Ameyo Emerge have come up with Estimated Wait Time or EWT to substitute AWT. While AWT is static, EWT is more dynamic and informs the customer about the estimated time the customer needs to hold to get connected to speak to a rep. Now, customers can also choose to drop out of call and schedule a call back from reps using the ‘Call Me Back’ feature. At the same time, our system provides a dynamic Estimated Wait Time by calculating the number of persons in queue, and how much time will it take for a rep to give a call back.

In our widespread experiences, we have found that customers using EWT and Call me Back features are far less frustrated and have higher retention than those who haven’t been introduced to these concepts.

Ameyo Emerge has the ability to calculate the Estimated Wait Time based on past calls of customers. Depending on the queue, customers can be informed about the EWT and then offered an option of receiving a call back in the same amount of time if they would have waited on hold.

This virtual queue will help customers save time, avoid the rather infamous music while being on the hold, and the added frustration that accompanies it.

This is the age where almost everything about your business revolves around the customers you have. Therefore, it is imperative that you give more power to your customers to be in more control of the daily decisions they make in terms of their queries and concerns. Take it from us – Estimated Wait Time will be a much needed boost that you require to meet the aforementioned objective.

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