How to Split the Funding Pie for your Startup like an Expert [Infographic]


Do you often dream of having your own startup, someday?

To dream is good but one must also be a great planner to realise their dreams completely, else you’ll end up stuck, with a lot to lose.

Therefore, you as a startup enthusiast must not lose sight of the bigger picture.

One of the key aspects which you need to figure out as soon you form a clear picture of your startup idea is – funding. As a result, you will have to think broadly in terms of:-

  1. How much will you earn at different stages of your startup?
  2. How will you get it?
  3. What will you give to other stakeholders
  4. What is everyone else’s role in terms of money

Whether you are at the initial stage of forming your startup with just $15,000, or you have reached a $4 million valuation stage, this Infographic from FundersandFounders will provide you extreme specificity on every stage of funding.

So, take a good look to demystify how to split the funding pie for your startup.

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