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How You Can Build Stronger Customer Relationships in Real Estate


Real estate industry is always tagged with terms like ‘huge growth’, ‘high return on investments’, etc. The demand for real estate (residential and commercial property) is highly driven by urbanization and household income. With internet penetration, increasing prosperity, improved regulations, and consumer awareness the demand of professional and educated real estate players rise.

But with increase in regulatory implications and competitive pressures from unscrupulous players from the unorganized sector, professional players are finding a hard time in doing business. Creating and leveraging on differentiation is the only way for organized and professional players to stand out from the competition- Customer Experience.

With technology flaring all the successful ventures, today’s massive infrastructures, buildings and properties are operated through advanced software and CIM technologies providing the best available experience to clients. Real estate being a business involving huge amounts of money processed in client transactions, requires aggressive client servicing in order to create and maintain a level of trust among customers.

As realtors struggle to put up “sold” signs, a new wave of innovative solutions have surfaced to give a helping hand to the market- Customer Interaction Management platforms. These solutions guarantee improved lead generation, customer retention, and marketing penetration. With solutions like Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Voice Broadcast, and Predictive Dialer, realtors are able to establish themselves in the market and build personalised engagements with prospective clients.

How Contact Center Technology Helps Real Estate

Inbound technology can help improve customer experience by offering personalized customer service to acquire and retain customers and reinforce brand image .

Outbound technology results in greater lead generations, customer relationships, and enhance productivity of agents with simple and dynamic booking and fulfilment processes.

Real estate industry is highly regulated by the strength of the economy and the power of consumer spending. Despite the overall steady growth since the 2008, past events reminds us that the real estate industry is still fragile. Realtors should brace themselves, invest in state-of-the-art technology to dwindle competition and serve customers.

IndiaBulls, India’s top real estate companies with development projects spread across residential complexes, commercial properties, integrated townships, SEZ’s, and infrastructure development was challenged with their previous solution failing to handle increasing number of client calls and customer outreach process management. With CIM technology, IndiaBulls was able automate its campaigns to factor to the expansion plans of the business. A significant improvement in quality and agent productivity was noticed. The solution implemented works to retain all existing customers and is flexible to increase the volume of business with the same operational capacity.

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