Importance of Personalizing Ecommerce Customer Experience


The demands of customers have been increasing day by day and today they even want their shopping experience to be personalized and customized to their preferences. Today’s customers won’t mind giving their personal information if businesses can help them enjoy a personalized shopping experience. In fact about 73% of customers are ready to do business with companies that use their personal information in order to make their shopping experiences more relevant.

The number of ecommerce websites and the amount of choices each of these make available can make it really time-consuming for customers to find the product they want to buy. Each of these customers would need personal shoppers to assist them in their shopping experience. While it would be very difficult for traditional stores to make available personal shoppers for thousands of customers, ecommerce websites can do this quite easily. By adopting the right techniques and customer service skills these websites can give the personal shopping treatment to thousands of customers, at the same time. It is only a matter of investing in the right kind of customer experience technology.

Customer service is the main thing most businesses focus on, to survive in the market today. Personalized service is even better if you want to meet the expectations of your customers. Unlike traditional retail stores, the online world makes it easy for businesses to collect information about a customer and understand his buying behavior. All you need to do is check the page on which a customer tends to linger and keep a tab on the items he looks for. If you do this, you will be able to make the right suggestions depending upon the pattern of his behavior. Meanwhile, you will also be answering the questions of the customers and listening to their valuable feedback on your customer service. By doing so it could be easier for you to convert your visitors into sales.

Apart from Personalization, customization is also a must for ecommerce customers. Customers have different preferences and a product that is most preferred by a customer may not be wanted by another customer. Ecommerce businesses need to help customers to customize the features of the products when they run a search or filter.  By enabling this, you are helping the customers to see only what they want to see. This will make it comfortable for them to do business with you and it will also increase their loyalty.

The key to success for any business is to make each and every customer feel special and cared for. If you have developed customer service skills, this could be very much possible. Yet, personalization and customization are very much required to lift the image of your business that one notch higher, in the minds of the customers. Most businesses understand the importance of personalization and customization and take the necessary steps. You need to take these steps too if you want to enhance the customer experience. If not, you will only be driving away your customers to your competitors. Even research says that 89% of customers have started doing businesses with competitors because of poor customer experience. 

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