Importance of Recognizing Customer Loyalty for Startups [Infographic]

Importance_of_Recognizing_Customer_Loyalty_for_Startups.png Getting customers can be difficult for businesses but to keep them coming back is even harder. The reason behind the downfall of many startups is that they don’t know how to keep the customers. Just offering good customer service is not enough in today’s competitive world, businesses should focus on providing great customer experiences to win loyal customers.

Startups should emphasis on fostering lasting relationships with customers to ensure loyalty. According to Pareto rule, 80% of your business comes from 20% of customers. And these 20% are the loyal customers who generate majority of your revenues. Also, long-term and loyal customers are more likely to refer your company to others and will stick with you no matter what.

Below is an infographic from Provide Support which reveals why customer loyalty is the key determinant  for an orgaization’s success and provides 10 effective strategies to improve customer loyalty. Why Customer Loyalty Really Matters and How to Improve It [Inforgraphic from Provide Support] From:

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