Innovation Is at the Heart of Everything

At Drishti-Soft we want to transform India from a service nation to a product nation by encouraging the spirit of engineering and innovation.

In the late 90s and early 2000s, one of the traps that the Indian software sector faced was the “service trap. India as a whole had the reputation of a services providing company instead of being a product creating company. To the Western world, we were a large labor force that was waiting to be untapped in the wake of India economic liberalization. For a good part, we believed we were great at service and left all the innovation jobs for the West.

But then we stopped. Somewhere along the way, Indian entrepreneurs (existing and budding ones) realized that providing services to the IT giants of US, Europe, and Japan was not enough. We had the capability in ourselves to be creators and innovators. We already had a large service force which was educated and willing to work. Indians therefore, started to create.

When Drishti-Soft formed in 2003, it was one of the few innovators that took pride in homegrown software, at par with the already established, big US-based players. Once the creation started, there was no stopping. Drishti-Soft expanded and evolved and has become a global contact center software company now. With presence in over 40 countries across Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Drishti-Soft is quickly on its way to global domination. It broke the mold and focused on software creation than just providing service.

Giving Way for More Innovation

The thing about humans is that the urge to create, develop, and innovate is inherent in us. This is why innovation spreads like fire even with a single spark. In the case of India, the IT services still thrive by providing some of the most competitive services in the world. In terms of both cost effectiveness and talent, India fares better than many of its contemporaries. The entrepreneurs have also sizably increased. There are so many ventures being developed and launched now that the economy is abuzz. Jobs are being created, people are gaining skills in many areas, and we have experts in every field.

This exciting atmosphere is great for the upcoming generation of entrepreneurs who are still in schools and colleges. Talent and great ideas are being recognized much more. People do not have to rely on the government only for funding or approvals any more. Entrepreneurs are supporting each other and encouraging the young blood. Drishti-Soft also believes in igniting minds and lighting the fire of innovation in more people so that India can be a leader in product creation one day. It is for this reason that we stand behind the iSpirt initiative.

iSpirt and India’s Future

iSpirt (Indian Software Product Industry Roundtable) is a think tank comprising some of the innovators in the Indian software sector. They firmly believe in creating more products and the way to do this is by addressing government policy, creating market catalysts, and growing the maturity of product entrepreneurs. The think tank is therefore, a support group, or self-help community who promote the existing Indian software product companies.

The transformation of the Indian software sector will come by accommodating more product creation and promoting local and global partnerships between software companies. It is a noble idea and one that Drishti-Soft wholeheartedly supports after all, it is one of the founding members of the think tank. When we have the talent within ourselves, the drive to create things is just the push we need. iSpirt will serve as the much-needed push to the companies that need it most. Drishti-Soft supports a collaborative environment where thoughts are put into action and innovation is chased after each day. After all, without innovation, we would hardly be here.

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