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Must-Have Features in a Good Helpdesk Software

A help desk is a centralized point of contact for the customers to seek support. For that to be a success the businesses need to have a help desk software packed with the right set of features and capabilities. In this article, we will look at some of these features in detail.

Omnichannel Support

The customer can reach you from any channel of their liking and to be a truly loved brand, you need to be available on those channels. Conducting research to understand the preferred communication channels of your target audience can be the first step in that direction. But, for starters, in the millennial age, a business needs to be able to offer customer support across voice, email, social media and chat.

Ticketing Automation

The biggest benefit of having a helpdesk software is to improve efficiency and overall operations. A helpdesk software which automates repetitive tasks is the need of the hour. Create a ticket for every interaction or prioritize them based on configured parameters. At the same time, distribute the tickets to the right queue based on the channel of origin. Additionally, being able to set certain event or time-based rules to trigger a set of actions after configurable time has lapsed or when an event occurs. All these automation mechanisms ease the agent’s workload and improve productivity.

Sentiment Analysis

Understand the mood of the customer using natural language processing (NLP) to analyze the passive media interactions such as an email or chat. Based on this analysis, an emotional state score can be assigned to a particular customer. This along with other parameters such as the status of the ticket, SLA of the ticket, the priority of the ticket and/or the number of unanswered messages can be used for plotting the heat map and thus, helping the agents to prioritize the tickets based on their criticality.

Reporting and Dashboards

Consumption of data needs to be simple yet effective. Good helpdesk software provides a un-cluttered view of the relevant metrics for faster decision making. Along with live monitoring of the operations, it is important to get reports as well. And not just getting the default or basic report, the true testament of any good helpdesk software is to allow the fetching of customized reports for insightful actions.

Easy CRM Integration

Getting a helpdesk software requires investment – financially as well as in terms of infrastructure and workforce training. Thus, you need a help desk software which easily integrates with any of your in-house systems. At the same time, it should also be able to integrate with all the major CRMs at the least. The cherry on the cake will be a complete helpdesk software powered with ticket management.
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