Philippines proclaims itself “The Call Centre King”

Philippines ‘The Call Center Kingâ€

Philippines has become one of the most active participants in the BPO arena. This advancement has been led by the increasing demand for lower labor expenses, intelligent workforce, and of course proficiency in English. According to reports, the Philippines market share for the global offshoring and outsourcing (O&O) industry has grown to 15% in 2008, thereby making it the third largest O&O BPO destination in the world.

In Phillippines, the Business Process Outsourcing has risen, offering  various services to human resources, animation as well as various other fields. It has invaded the call center market and earned the title of being ‘The Call Center Kingâ€. The success of the Philippines call centre is exceptional as the first call was taken in 1997.

Philippines proclaims itself as the biggest voice-based BPO and defeats India in the game. Hence, we see that Philippines continues firming its position in this field which India, inspite of being the overall leader in outsourcing is weakening because many companies find that Filipino accent is more comprehensible than that of Indian.

In addition to language skills, the Philippines possess better utility infrastructure. Therefore, companies spend less on diesel and fuel. Since cities here are safer and have better public transportation, employers do not have to bother about commuting employees to and from work.

Another factor that led Philippines achieve its breakthroughs in the BPO industry has been technology. A big thanks goes to the IP Telephony as it enables tracking call centre on any part of the world. They were prudent in investing for the brightest and best technologies. Low wages have been another factor that contributed to the success of the Philippines BPO sector and it receives business from across the world in order to cut costs. Besides this advantage, Philippines tend to draw an attractive package to attract call centres.

After earning a considerable fame for itself in the BPO world, Philippines is expected to grow at a fast pace and spread its operations to other services. While the outlook is strong, to maintain the growth, they should continue to pump quality employees into the workforce, and keep a close eye on inflation and exchange rates will prove helpful in promoting its expansion.

Thus we see, that Philippines has built up an army of call centre workers. They need to ensure the maintenance of growth and expansion. Philippines must continue to hire quality employees into the workforce and keep a track on inflation and exchange rates.

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