Pink Elephants and Purple Giraffes

Pink Elephants and Purple Giraffes
Consumers these days have all the choices in the world, these can range from the very basic to the more intricate. Letâ€s take beer for example, there are the traditional beers, the light variants, the ones that make you brawl and the flavored variants, with banana, strawberry, bacon or even steak flavored beer for buster the pitbull to give you company.

This is just an example of what is out there, and this has all been due to the Marketing discipline. Identifying and understanding consumer behavior and preferences leads to the innovation of products to cater to specific consumers.
Tabasco flavored dark chocolate is a result of such consumer preference research, most people would probably gawk at the idea of this but odd-balls like me who love the flavor of the pepper sauce would be enticed to try it out.
Marketing as a discipline has evolved over time and resulted in the Product Management off-spring. These little angels help businesses churn up new ideas, features and other eccentric knick-knacks of a product to define it differently from the rest.
What does this have to do with Pink Elephants and Purple Giraffes?
Someone wants them, it may be the clown coming to town or the hyperactive kid high on Tabasco chocolates, either way, thank the eccentric guys in the Marketing Team. It is because of them that such brain-orgasmic ideas come into a customerâ€s periphery and add more to the confusion of purchases.
Next time you wonder how a company all of a sudden pitches you with that ying-yang coffee table that you absolutely have to have, especially since it comes with a stringbean sofa set that just fills your living room just right (weâ€ll talk about promotions in the next blog), know that there is a bunch of guys who are looking at you through a looking glass.
Pink Elephants and Purple Giraffes are a result of your choices, your preferences and behaviour that may or may not realize have made your choices much more complicated.

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