Put Customer Priority on Auto Pilot

It is often remarked that, all customers are important to companies. That being said, there are customers that are more important or crucial to business than others. They can be – High Net worth Individuals, loyal or new customers, frequent callers, etc. These are the customers that would have a significant impact on your overall customer experience and bottom line.

Automatic customer priority is a feature offered by contact center technology providers that facilitate in prioritising customers while they are on the queue, waiting to be connected to an agent. But if you ask a customer to set their priority of a service element themselves, the knee-jerk response would be ‘highest-priority’. No customer would not want to be treated less important than others. Automatic customer priority takes this weight off companies’ shoulders by automatically setting priority for each customer based on logics and algorithms.

#1. Queue priority –  During peak call seasons, you would want customers that are closer to payment conversions to be queued higher than customers with general queries or akin. Companies can create separate queues that have different levels of priority, and push customers ahead accordingly. Another instance could be when a customer calls in and is the 5th caller in the queue, it could take 20 minutes of hold time for the call to get dispatched to a live agent. The customer has the option to hang up, and call back after 20 minutes; the system then recognises the customer, and directly routes the call to an agent, or be the first caller in the queue.

#2. Past interactions – By integrating with the company’s internal priority engine, the software can understand and configure the business logic that defines the variants of customer priority elements.  Companies are equipped with customer intelligence and previous interaction history that can be utilized for setting priority scores for customers. For instance, a customer that has repeatedly called in in the past hour and was unable to connect, will be prioritised for the next call compared to an average customer. This ensures that the company never misses out on any prospective business. Call durations, interaction frequency, high-ticket orders, etc., are few of the factors that can be considered for customer priority settings.

Automatic Customer Priority is the need of the hour, especially for hyperlocals that are planning to scale up in the future. With rising customer calls, hyperlocals need a process to assign customer priority and streamline business operations. Ameyo Emerge offers Automatic Customer Priority feature with an added benefit of displaying trigger points (factors behind customer priority) that elevates the priority of the customer. With this available real-time information, companies can identify bottlenecks and venues of improvements that demands addressal.

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