Secrets to Power up your B2B Customer Onboarding Process [Infographic]

There is no debate on the critical importance of customer onboarding. Customer onboarding is as important, or maybe more than the sales process. The Sale is merely a beginning. But what defines an onboarded customer? If you ask companies what customer onboarding is, chances are you will receive different answers. Some define onboarding as a technical or functional dissemination, some equate it to value delivery, and some define it as when the customer has achieved initial success from your solution. 

Organizations, primarily SaaS vendors, have heavily invested in customer onboarding programs to streamline customer learning and process implementations. This not only cements the relationship and trust between you and your customer but also improves wallet share and chances of retaining the customer. Salesforce with the help of the smartest SaaS people in the world designed an infographic to aid organizations to ramp up their customer onboarding process.

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