Setting up a BPO in Philippines? Here’s How You Can Stay Ahead of the Competition!

BPO in Philippines

The Philippines has certainly evolved as a BPO hub with exceptional outsourcing capabilities. In order to deliver excellent customer service and support, these BPOs rely on the most trusted customer service software backed-up with advanced features around autodialer, ticketing system, ACD, and IVR.  Let’s, without wasting any time, see what these features have got for BPO’s in Philippines and how they can make the most out of them.

Contact center providers continue bringing in new features to ease customer journey, improve agent productivity, as well as to provide better insights into call center operations.

Features that Improve Agent Productivity

Maximizing agent productivity is every BPO’s first priority to see a dramatic improvement in the overall operational efficiency. To achieve this, they look out for options that enable less toggling between the screens, easy switching between different campaigns and queues, one-click sign-on, CTI pop-up to access customer information on the same screen,  an integrated knowledge base to quickly resolve common queries, team collaboration options such as internal chat to reach out to other agents and managers for any assistance, predefined dispositions to enable hassle-free call wrapping, click-to-dial functionality to enable quick manual dialing, inbuilt autodialer to avoid manual overheads, predictive dialer to ensure maximum efficiency in outbound calling, and the list continues.

Unified Platform for All Activities

It is important to have all these and even more advanced features and functionalities in your customer service software to stay at the top of the competition. Read more about agent productivity tools and features necessary to improve the operational efficiency of your BPO

Features that Bring Business Intelligence

When you have thousands of tickets to work upon and you can’t afford to miss any, you seriously need an intelligent call center software. This advanced system is power-packed with a ticketing system, autodialer, customizable IVR and ACD, as well as support for omnichannel interactions. AI-driven customer insights let your agents understand customers’ emotional intent while enabling auto heap mapping with the customer tickets. This essentially helps in automating the ticket prioritization process that helps you resolve the high priority tickets first and maintain high CSAT rate.

Apart from this, such customer support software also allows you to define your own routing rules as per your specific business requirements. You can easily define your rules and switch agents in various available queues and campaigns as per the requirements. See how automation tools and features change the way you work and get you the maximum outcome. 

Workflow Automation

Features that Enable Precise Monitoring

Choosing a call center software that enables hassle-free monitoring, analysis, and reporting is painstaking for most BPOs in Philippines. Here are some amazing features that you must look out for while selecting your customer service software. Ensure that your software has got live monitoring dashboards that refresh data every 2-3 minutes. It should depict the staffing time percentage, idle time percentage, average call handling time, average hold time, and other important metrics that make it easier to monitor the agent performance. This dashboard should also have provisions for live call controlling such as spooning, barging, whispering, and force log out an agent, without letting the customer know.

Reports should be customizable to enable managers to view only metrics that matter to their call center operations. These reports should also be schedulable so that managers can auto fetch them as per their preferred time. A click toggling of agents in different queues and campaigns should be there to manage heavy interaction flows. See all the features that enable precise monitoring and can help you improve RoI.

Live Monitoring

I’m sure that you’ll definitely look out for these advanced features that allow you to improve your overall workflow while maintaining a high lead conversion and CSAT rate. Investing in a call center software that has omnichannel support, ticketing system, AI-driven customer insights, agent productivity tools, and reliable monitoring capabilities can certainly help you achieve a dramatic improvement in your regular call center operations. 

You can even request a free demo right now to see how this advanced contact center software actually works.