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“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.”-John C. Maxwell 

Contact Center management is by no means an easy job. It requires strategic acumen, hard work, and the talent to motivate people to hit stringent targets and to get work done. Influential leaders need to be familiar with every aspect of their business. They need skills to balance operational costs, customer experience, agent retention, and revenue growth and to work within strict budgets. It can be overburdening at times.

Here below are outlined the tools that supervisors need, to make their journey to contact center management a successful one, and to create a more efficient work environment for the agents.

1. Comprehensive Agent Productivity Reports and Dashboards

Supervisors or team leaders require a reporting tool that shares extensive data on agent productivity, staffed duration, break duration, calls handled, and other important call center metrics to optimize performance. Agent-productivity dashboards visually displaying the SLAs, average handling time, and the average wait time and can help you to:

  • Simplify the analysis of the agent’s overall performance.
  • Helps balance the call influx and size of the team to meet the demands of the business. 
  • Helps to review staffing levels and the agent’s engagement metrics to predict how many team members you’ll need in any situation.

2. Smart Network Monitoring System in Place

In a contact center, there are instances where the call fails to connect. This results in call drops when the Call center fails to connect to the customer or abandoned call when a customer fails to connect to the call center. For instance: Call drops may occur in predictive dialing where the system predicts when an agent will be available and accordingly dials a call. There may be scenarios where the prediction may vary or the customer disconnects the call because of the unavailability of agents. On the other hand, a call will be abandoned if the agent is available but did not pick the call and the customer hung up the call while waiting on the ACD itself, etc.

According to TRAI regulations, a call center cannot have more than 3% (of the total outbound calls dialed) call drop in an outbound campaign in the past 24 hours. In such scenarios, a network monitoring system can help supervisor/group manager/analyst, so as to avoid penalty. Monitoring parameters can be set and the operations managers will get notified when call drops and abandoned calls are increasing.

3. Effective User Management with strong access controls.

Managing call center agents involves a well-planned user management strategy and technology to execute the plan. System administrators or operation managers have to create the users in the system and assign the campaigns to each user. Manual user creation can be overwhelming when the agent count is high. The solution to the above problem can be as below:

  • Agent Logins: A bulk user creation methodology can be helpful in such scenarios. The administrator can just upload the CSV with all the essential information and Ta-da! The users will get created in one go 
  • Login Management: The newly created users can use automated emails for password and credentials that they can change as per their will. 
  • Free Up Monitoring Time: Bulk user creation would save the supervisor’s time that can be utilized to effectively map the users to lead or queue in outbound and inbound campaigns, respectively. Real-time queue management can be done to move the agents from one queue to another where the call traffic is higher, to control the call abandonment rate, and to optimize the performance in real-time.

4. Color-Coded Lead Lists Bifurcation

In contact centers, the calling is going on 24*7 depending upon the regions and shifts of agents. The supervisor needs to keep a check on all the leads which are active/inactive so that he/she can prioritize. Manual bifurcation takes time and can result in erroneous categorization at times. To make it simple for call center operation managers, lead lists(Outbound Calling campaign) should have a clear color-coded demarcation of active and inactive leads with active leads getting listed first followed by inactive leads on the bottom.

To Conclude

Being a contact center manager is not easy, and the pressure to get the optimal results makes things more difficult. The success of your business depends on how agile you are and your ability to review and refine your contact center management techniques periodically. So if you are thinking about making your life easier, then invest in a smart and equipped contact center management software that can help you with all of the above-listed features. Ameyo’s Call Center Software gives you the right blend of technology and flexibility to configure as per your business needs.

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