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Solving the Most Common Operational Call Center Problems


Next in my series of Solving the most common Call Center Problems (also read Solving the Most Common IT Call Center Problems) ​is the Operations Team’s perspective. Once the IT department has looked at the feasibility of the call center software, the operations team’s job starts. These are the people on the ground, the ones who are responsible for the smooth functioning of day to day activities. Even though their problems are linked to that of the IT department but it’s more on the lines of making things simple and easy to use.

Let us address some of these concerns that a call center manager might have and try to provide a satisfactory resolution for the same.

Problem: How to Manage the Agents?

A BPO typically handles operations for various businesses and within this, there are multiple campaigns for each business. For example, a banking call center will be handling inbound queries as well as doing telesales. It’s imperative to be smart with resource allocation.

Solution: Real-time Resource Allocation

With Ameyo Voice user management tools, the supervisor can simply assign and re-assign agents from one campaign to another. This is particularly useful in case of peak traffic. For instance, it is observed that during financial year end, there is an increase in incoming queries about bank statements. So, during that time the supervisor can easily more agents in the inbound campaign.

Problem: Reducing Manual Effort

Agents have to make and take numerous calls a day which leaves them with not much time to do other tasks. Sometimes that hampers their motivation levels and makes the work monotonous and thus, increases the chances of making mistakes.

Solution: Automating Operations

Automating the routine and mundane using dynamic place holders or configuring event and time based rules is one way to tackle the issue of manual tasks. For example, while sending an acknowledgement or status update on a pending query, the agents no longer have to type in the unique identification code (name, ticket ID,etc) its taken care of by by simply selecting relevant placeholder.

Problem: Measuring the Day to Day

Being an operational head one has to ensure that the processes are working seamlessly. Moreover, if there is any glitch, it is important to have the visibility to fix it pronto.

Solution: Live Monitoring and Dashboards

Have real-time stats about the number of available agents, the customers waiting in the queue, the number of agents on break, etc with call center live monitoring tools. At the same time, the supervisor can perform various actions on a live call such as snoop, barge, whisper and even force logout the agent if she/he deems fit. This allows the operations manager or the supervisor to monitor the quality of conversations. Having multi-format reports which can be scheduled further allows the supervisor to analyze the productivity at the end of each day.

Problem: Controlling Call Center Operations

A call center software which makes you too dependent on your vendor is of no use. As an operations person who is constantly on the floor and managing various processes and call center campaigns, one needs to be able to have quick work around to ensure everything is in order.

Solution: Flexible and Configurable Features

Some call center software look great in theory but once you implement them things turn out to be completely different. It’s always advisable to have a demo of the setup prior to deployment. Being able to filter dashboard data, setting threshold limits, campaign and queue wise agent management are some of the useful configurations that allows the managers to effective management. Moreover, she/he can also design the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) flow according to the business requirements along with setting the routing algorithms to ascertain first call resolution (FCR). Similarly, in case of an outbound scenario the supervisor has the option of selecting the dialing strategy which will be most suitable for better connect rates and conversion.

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