Technically Beautiful

Aviophobia 🙁

“Manila ay isang maganda lungsod..” Manila what??? I prompted back, immediately to my co-passenger. Flying makes me sick, in the midst of vivid confusion, how does it feel when the person next to you bewilders you further with his alien script.

I meant, ‘Manila is a beautiful cityâ€, came the husky pacifying voice. Oh, yes it is, I managed these two words as if it has been my hometown and I knew it so well. I was still focused to my Aviophobia, when he shot another question, “What according to you makes Manila a beautiful city?”

How can one think of describing beauty while suffering, Well, before I could speak like “dude this whole concept of flying freaks me out and you are dragging…” he adds further – “We are blessed with technology and the possibility of impossibilities. Thereâ€s a remarkable advancement in the physical infrastructure for communications and other computer related technology in recent years, even in the developing nations. Philippines is second among Asian countries in terms of the largest number of training facilities for computer programming and related courses, with more than 5 cyber parks throughout the country, including a 100 hectare cyber park in Clark Development Zone.” It was impressing, all I ever knew about the country was that It is a hard working service sector economy, one of the fastest developing nation, and the major outsourcing destination.

He continues as if he had just read my mind- “Apart from Manila, Cebu and Davao happens to be the next big pockets in which Contact Centers are growing in Philippines. Cebu has around 200 call centers, big and small and primarily concentrate on the outbound processes.” He pauses and studies me, I had a weird feeling that I had something between my teeth and then he asks “Do you understand what is an outsourced business?”

Hail Mighty, I wonder, when will these people stop thinking that Iâ€m an 18 year old, instead of lashing with a sarcastic remark, I held my teeth and nodded my head letting him continue. “Cebu city has been ranked #1 emerging global outsourcing city in the world, according to International Consulting and Strategic Advisory firm Tholons. The impeccable english spoken by the citizens, from the taxi drivers to the contact center agents, is one of the primary reasons for this. And the other one is quite obvious, the cost efficient communication technology and availability of various hardwares and softwares building the nation as a promising destination for outsourcing. Thanks to the innovators and creators of the technologies around the globe. Well, this is how simple we are, Technical but Easy, Western lifestyle but Asian values, Simplicity but High thinking.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seat belts, we are about to land” the hostess announced, and this time I shot the question “What makes Manila beautiful?” The elderly gentleman smiled “Technology is beautiful isnâ€t it?” That was when it struck me. I am not the only one who relates beauty and technology, he did the same. My entire journey was ‘technically beautiful†for the first time.

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