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The New Era CX: Call Center Mobile Application


In the ever changing landscape of contact centers, one thing that stands out is your relationship with your customers. With a challenging pandemic at hand, what you really need is a solution that helps you bridge the gap between your agents and customers. With a rapidly evolving healthcare crisis around the world, you need to equip your agents to work from home.

But, how?

Now, most of the agents that were tethered to their desk phones to serve the customers are looking for a solution that does not involve going to the workplace and making calls. With an effective Mobile Agent App, you can seamlessly transit to remote work, ensure business continuity, and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Enterprise ready Contact Center in your palm

You need it, we take care of it. Ameyo’s Mobile App for Call center has all the features that you need to engage with your customers instantly. Convert your smartphone into a mini contact center and increase the productivity of your business without worrying about infrastructure readiness.

Why you need a Call Center Mobile Application?

Zero Agent Infrastructure Needed

Agents don’t have a laptop? You don’t have to worry anymore because you can now run a contact center on your smartphone with full stack enterprise grade features on your mobile phone. You can deliver top-notch customer service with enhanced voice call quality backed by WebRTC.

Your agents can handle both inbound and outbound calls without having to depend on the infrastructure bottlenecks.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Your customers trust you with their data and you cannot compromise on security breach even when the agents are working from home. We have made it simple for you to manage customer interactions while restricting screen recording and call recording features on your agents mobile phone. 

You get to keep full control on agents’ activities and ensure that all interactions happen via VPN in a secured environment.

Boost Agent Productivity

Make your agents’ life easy with effective use of Mobile Agent Application. With the flexible call management features, agents can use floating call widget to quickly access customer’s call details while browsing other apps.

With agent friendly call center mobile app, they can simply click-to-dial and dispose calls from within the floating widget. Agents can also copy and paste data in the toolbar which gets further used in Ameyo.

Ameyo’s Mobile Agent Application to make businesses WFH ready:

Omnichannel Customer Support

Are your agents using multiple tools to handle customer queries coming from different channels? Going remote shouldn’t mean a siloed customer service and your agents can handle all the queries in a single frame by using the mobile agent application.

Your customers prefer WhatsApp over calls? You can easily manage each interaction over WhatsApp without compromising on other channels like web chat, voice call, and social media chat.

Identify Reasons for Low Productivity

You can create a faithful relationship with your agents while monitoring business specific KPIs and understanding the bottlenecks like unsupportive devices and low internet-connectivity.

Since the agents will be using their own device, your IT cannot keep a check on their devices remotely but you can fetch a Device & Network Management Report to identify the reasons for low productivity like:

Complete CC Features Suite

Now, working remotely should not become a barrier in managing call related activities. You can allow agents to work from the comfort of their homes while they can easily manage the following:

Comprehensive Remote Monitoring

It’s important to measure what matters and supervisors can monitor each call-related activity remotely in a single glance. With statistical overview of each campaign, supervisors can manage the resource allocation in real-time. Be it mobile or laptop, you get an insight into real-time monitoring:

While WFH has become the new normal and we transition to a new world of working remotely, your customers should never see a day of bad customer service. With Call Center Mobile Application, you get the best of both worlds, agents can work remotely and you can continue to serve customers and deliver best-in-class customer experience.

As mentioned in our recent webinar, you can become a work from home ready business in 48 hours!

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