The Tough Job of Selling Insurance

Selling insurance is one of the most challenging tasks in the world. I would probably rate it just below climbing Mount Everest. Ask any insurance broker or seller and they will testify. Why is selling insurance so tough?

But then people NEED insurance and they WANT it as well. So why is it that every time an insurance company calls, people hesitate and seem uninterested? Why are they suspicious of these agents?

They Want the Best

The top reason why anyone goes for the insurance they chose is because in their opinion, it was the best available in the market. Banking, real estate, and insurance are among sectors where people do not blindly trust advertising and marketing. They ask their families, friends, and colleagues about personal opinions and experiences with their respective banks, real estate agents, and insurance brokers. People analyze the reviews and only then go on to select the right one.

Do Not Miss the Fine Print

Insurance has a lot of fine print and buyers will not miss it. When people buy insurance, they are placing trust in the company to protect them and provide coverage when they need it most. Insurance companies project themselves as friends in need to their customers, and customers are only right to expect the same.

So, with regards to the fine print, customers want to know thoroughly what they are getting into. If they hear a bad review, their opinion will change and they will most likely, move to a competitor. Maximum options and good reviews will influence people and if the insurance company delivers as promised, the investment the customer made will be considered as worthy. This is the level of satisfaction that every insurance company is aiming at, and what every customer wants.

How Do You Deliver Customer Satisfaction?

In insurance, honesty is what will win the customer over. If all your agents are treating the customer with great care and servicing him/her in every way possible, the customer will appreciate the efforts. Most likely, they will buy more policies or schemes. The aim of an insurance company should be to sustain customers over a long period of time. Maintaining existing customers with priority thus, becomes the most important task.

For backend processes, ensure that your customers are able to reach out to you at any point of time and are provided the right information. The nature of insurance entails the possibility of emergency situations and this is when the friendship between company and customer is truly tested. With a robust contact center solution, you can ensure that your contact center has high uptime and agents can disburse quick information to customers. Features like IVR, ACD, a robust CRM, and multiple channels of communication will ensure great customer service to your insurance company. All that insurance companies have to do now is to serve the customer loyally.

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