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Tips for Call Center Agents to Deal with Difficult Customers


The call center agents are front faces for any business. Brand image can be enhanced or deteriorated by a simple interaction, that is why they are responsible and accountable for client experiences. On top of it, keeping it cool with difficult and angry customers is a real challenge which they come across very frequently. Hence, it can become quite a depressing job at times. But by adapting certain skills an agent can learn how to tackle a challenging person. Here are the tips to be followed:  


1) Win them with kindness:

If a customer calls and is annoyed with the product or service of the company, be extra courteous and show kindness but not to a great extent, they might get the feeling that you are fake. Be sincere and respectful, show sympathy for their situation and empathy for their frustration. By exhibiting your kind gestures, you can ease the customers. This practice never fails- it might not work to the fullest, but it can help the agent win half the battle.

Don’t take the Bait; when you are dealing with difficult customers, there is an expectation that you will counter back. Rather surprise them, soften your voice and show loads of courtesy and etiquettes. Remove your hard feelings and handle the situation professionally.

2) Design a solution that bridges the gap:

Once your furious customer is done with the complaints, it’s time for you to gather the facts by asking questions and solve the problem. You are an agent and you cannot stick to one client all day; you have your targets to accomplish. But at the same time to wrap up a call, you cannot give them a temporary solution. So take little extra time to solve their query and satisfy them. The ultimate solution should be fair and justifiable for both parties; the customer and the company.

3) Apologize for their inconvenience:

It can be hard for the customer care agents not to lose their temper after so much of yelling. But the customers impact the company’s profitability directly. If an apology can help you in retaining them into your business then you should. Say sorry whether they are right or wrong. This will give a good impression and make them calm. This way you can save a customer who almost made the mind of switching to your competitors. Your words can make or break the deal, so choose your actions wisely.

4) Beat their expectations:

Extra attention is cherished by everyone. Whatever your client is expecting from you, be one step ahead. Look after them like the way you want to be treated. Take additional time to listen and understand their problem and provide a quicker solution. Proactively solve their issues before the deadline you commit. Send them a text, an email, or call as soon as you resolve their query. To keep customers happy, you must consistently be exceeding their expectations.

Another way to deal with an angry customer is to agree with them. It is absolutely a last thing they are expecting out of you.

5) Deliver more:

Here’s an opportunity to turn the customer around whom you almost lost. Giving a bit extra than what you promised can help them change the perception they developed about your company. If you promised that you will deliver a product or service in a week, ensure that it is delivered in 4 or 5 days. Give a complementary service to them as a gesture for which they need not pay. Giving a little more than you promised is a great way to say sorry for the previous trouble they faced with your company and leave them with a good feeling. This way you can regenerate their belief in your company.

Difficult customers are one of the most intense challenges an agent faces. But by implementing these tips a call center agent might not lose anybody who is important. This way they can grow themselves in terms of confidence and self-esteem. 

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