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Top 7 Customer Experience Trends in 2018 [Infographic]


Customer experience is no longer just the buzzword, it has already arrived in a big way and is here to stay and make an enormous impact particularly in B2C industry. At strategic level businesses have started to align their goals and objectives with Customer Experience (CX) at the heart of their brand strategy. Key CX areas are going through a transformation and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the year 2018 will witness a remarkable shift in CX landscape and the same is endorsed by the top customer experience trends projected by the industry experts.

Below is the infographic that will give you a bird-eye view of how top 7 customer experience trends will shape up the future of customer experience and which key CX areas should be at the top priority for CX teams. Top management executives have moved on from asking “whether to improve customer experience or not” to “how to improve customer experience”. Customer experience is emerging as a crucial differentiator to score on competitive advantage as customers are valuing personalization, self-service options and mobile customer experience as must-haves in a brand. As customers expect brands to anticipate their needs and be present on their preferred channel of communication and want the power of interacting with brands anytime, anywhere; artificial intelligence and omnichannel customer experience will definitely be a game changer.

So sit back and behold what does the future of customer experience has in store – 

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