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Specialized Contact Center Agents vs. Generalized Contact Center Agents: Which is a Worthy Fit?


Regardless of what anyone does in today’s high paced world, one thing we all unanimously can agree on is that - ‘we all are wrestling with time, or rather the lack of it’!

The long and the short of this premise is that it has rubbed notably onto the contact center industry. Effective time management seems to be the buzzword for contact center agents, at a time when the industry is betting big on the colossal power of customer experience and an Omnichannel environment.  

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Why Omnichannel Customer Experience is the key to an Inbound Call Center Software?

Life is all about experiences. We humans are emotional beings and these experiences that we go through determine the level of trust and confidence we place in people, places, products and services. Talking about “Services” , it's a bit different than the other variables.

You know why? Because we expect it to be good and it's not just the one time, but as customers - we seek consistency. A remarkable customer experience in not a one time job, it’s true value lies in an exquisite, consistent customer experience.

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3 Great Ways WebRTC can benefit IT Infrastructure

A lot of buzz has been witnessed these days around WebRTC and its relevance in contact centers. However, only a handful knows how WebRTC can actually help contact centers.

In concise words, Web RTC or Web Real Time Communication gives the ability to your contact center agents to communicate via voice and video with your customers via a browser. Web browsers like Chrome and Mozilla already support WebRTC, while Microsoft edge and Mac Safari should be able to support it in the near future.

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Why Do We Definitely Need Contact Centers [Infographic]

More than anything else, waiting kills. This is one of the biggest reasons why your customers don’t like calling in contact centers. Those lengthy waiting times, mazes of menus, lack of contact center agent’s proactivity and complex feedback systems.
But still telephony in contact centers continue to remain the most preferred and reliable option to seek customer support. The comfort of the fact that there’s another human being trying to help you out with a query or is offering advice to resolve some issue, is often what customers exactly seek.

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5 Dumbest Things Call Center Agents do to Irk Customers

Calling has always been an integral part of a contact center, and unsurprisingly call center agents take center stage in any call center. This is one undeviating fact that is not going to change, irrespective of the advancements in technology.

In precise words, call center agents are the face of customer service for any firm, and many decisions made by customers are influenced with the manner agents handles calls. Therefore, it is no biggy that they are the ones who sway significant bucks for businesses.

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Think You're Cut Out For Doing Customer Experience? Take This Quiz

‘Customer service experience’ has been and will always be a top-notch parameter for your customers to either pick you or your competitor, in any industry. And this statement is especially true if you are working for, or in a contact center or a call center.

The way you treat your customers, is exactly how they will treat your brand. It is a simple give and take relationship, where you offer them 100% and get your fair share in the bargain.

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7 Popular Contact Center Misconceptions And the Truth About Them

“Misunderstanding is generally simpler than true understanding, and hence has more potential for popularity.” Raheel Farooq

Call centers and contact centers usually have a cloudy image in most of our heads. We either think of contact center reps as lowly reps, who don’t give a damn about customer service - someone working odd hours, smoking cigarettes while talking about in-call frustrations, else we mistake them for people who they actually are not. And, it is often ‘the people’ who make a working space productive; a top-notch go to office and much more.

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Will Robots be the God of Customer Service in the years to come?

Waiting in queue for long time or getting immediate assistance online.
Which one is a convenient option for you being a loyal customer to a brand.
Obviously, immediate response to query is what customers of new generation seek for. If we talk about quick resolution, there arrives the need for superior and extraordinary service. But, with the advancement in market place more focus is being paid to the intelligence and science behind smart technologies.

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5 Easy Ways to Better Customer Engagement for Millennials

By 2030, almost 75% of the working population worldwide would comprise of millennials. One cannot undermine the role they have to play, and act as a catalyst to foster economic growth. Going by this, it becomes imperative that you should value customer engagement.

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