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5 Ways to Enhance First Call Resolution

All contact center reps and managers understand the importance of metrics and TLAs (three letter acronyms). Among them, ‘FCR or first call resolution’ is what matters the most, as it is one such term which can be a true measure of efficiency, performance and customer satisfaction quota, all at once.

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Your Guide to Interactive Voice Response (IVR) 101

Phone rings (Tring tring, tring tring, tring tring...)

A voice: Hello! Welcome to abc company. We are happy to help you! To speak to an agent press 1, to know the status of your query press 2, to lodge a complaint press 3, to return to the main menu press *

Customer (Presses 1) and waits patiently for an agent to answer, meanwhile the music keeps playing and in between there is a promotional message about a product or a service.

We all have had similar experience. The reason could have been different for all of us, but we have been on the other side of that telephone call. You dial a number, a computerised voice greets you and gives you a whole list of options to pick from and do accordingly.

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8 Call Routing Strategies to Improve your Customer Experience

Customer care departments take care of different functionalities - whether the task is servicing customers or providing information on some small subject matter. With so much of work available in hand, it becomes difficult to manage call traffic during peak hours. Assuring that each time the call lands at the right party is a way to manage difficult tasks and in order to reach the optimum level of customer satisfaction, it becomes mandatory for call centers to manage their call routing strategies.

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