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Why Great Customer Service is the Way Ahead for Business Success [Infographic]

Do you remember the last time you ended up having a poor experience with a brand? How many times did you have a positive experience with the brand in the first go?

The success of an organization totally revolves around the kind of customer service they have been providing during purchase and after sales service to create great user experience. The customer tends to demand more as they get familiar with a brand. So, it is the responsibility of the customer service department to provide an extraordinary experience to boost up their repeat sales.

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5 Attributes that Define Strong Brands in Customer Engagement [Infographic]

People involved in customer service business often wonder what sets strong brands a cut above from the crowd. We all are awestruck when an idea makes it big in this world where there is a continuous mad scramble among brands striving to get things right in customer engagement.

However, apart from word of mouth and some news hither and thither, there is very little solid information about the main characteristics that define these top brands in customer engagement.

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How The Future Of Contact Centers Would Look Like? [Infographic]

The contact center industry is expanding with a furious rate and the consumer space is changing very dynamically. This infographic, talks about how the future of the ever-growing business space will be perceived in the coming few years, along with what has changed and what will change even more rapidly.

The average number of mobile users has increased by 70%, accompanied by steep changes in the statistics, which define the need for human interaction (specifically over voice channels). Now, one can say that with growing intervention from technology, there is a massive scope for contact center owners to scale up and employ new business opportunities and ideas.

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How Bad Customer Experience is Eating Your Revenue [Infographic]

Studies show that “it takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience.” 

Customer experience stands at the core of any business these days. A customer might remain quiet for many good experiences but could shout loud to people even about a single bad experience. As customer experience is directly proportional to customer service, businesses should understand that bad customer service can cause unfavorable opinions about their business.
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Why Call Centers & Phone Support are far from Being Dead [Infographic]

“I hate talking to call center executives”; “Can’t I just get my work done without interacting with contact center reps?” These are some of the most common statements you are likely to hear from irate customers around the world.

Moreover, the average cost of an inbound call is $5.90. Multiply this amount with around 45 billion calls, (yes, that’s the number of calls made by call centers per year) and there you go – billions of money spent on calls! So, have you given a fair bit of thought – Why call centers and phone support still exist in this world?

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Customer Preferences You Must Pay Heed to Better Your Business [Infographic]

Providing commendable customer service is all about taking responsibility of your relationship with your customers. The possibility of turning a prospect into a customer is higher when you are cautious enough to not miss an opportunity to impress your client and deliver service that exceeds their expectations.

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Decode the True Value of Customer Loyalty [Infographic]

Customer loyalty is considered the lifeline for any business, yet businesses often focus the spotlight on sales. They choose to run after acquiring customers rather than retaining the existing ones. However, it has been proved that it costs 5 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an old one. Loyal customers will surely spread a good word about the brand and thereby provide a great boost to the revenues.

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How to Choose Best Customer Support Solution at the first go [Infographic]

Companies usually face situations where they sense an increasing need for support solutions for their contact center. However, selecting one that can meet all your needs can be a daunting and perplexing task. With almost endless solutions available in the market, how can you find out which one suits your needs the most?

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Industries that receive maximum Customer Service Complaints [Infographic]

Social media is at a peak and will only continue to rise. Integrating social media with any business is highly important for its success and growth.

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This is what Social Media Integration can do to Contact Centers [Infographic]

Don Schultz once said, ”Social media creates communities, not markets.” Businesses today are also living up to this fact and using social media to create personalized relationships with their customers.

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