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Omnichannel Insurance: Why Your Company Needs an Omnichannel Approach to Serve Customers

The history of insurance is as old as the human civilization. Before the onset of the monetary economy, insurance was in the form of mutual-aid or help. However, as the trade and commerce flourished in the medieval ages, with traders embarking on dangerous and treacherous voyages, the concept of modern insurance was introduced to the world. Since then, Insurance policies have been offering protection against perceived risk to life, property, health, accident and business.

Topics: Customer Service Omnichannel Insurance

Why Insurance Firms Should Go Omni-Channel

The internet has provided its users, lots of ways to communicate. As such, they are given the option to use their preferred device to communicate with their favorite brand. Today’s consumers are omni-channel consumers - and they live in real-time context.

While it is easy to communicate with consumers through many channels, there is also an obligation on the part of businesses to be omnipresent on all channels. This is mandatory as today’s consumers expect real time responses. This applies to insurance firms too. If they want to communicate with today’s consumers, it is necessary have to adopt an omnichannel customer interaction management strategy.

Topics: Customer Service Omnichannel Insurance