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5 Ways Power Dialer can Help you Close More Deals

Power Dialer dials a list of numbers one after the other only when an agent is available to handle them. It offers more control and result in better connections by bypassing busy numbers and dropped calls. The agent is always available to talk to the customer as soon as the call is answered which is a key to successful campaigns.

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Predictive Dialer versus Power Dialer

A dialer is an application to automate the process of dialing to an external contact number so that contact center agents can select calls strategically. The productivity of the call center largely depends on the number of calls addressed per day. However, due to limiting factors, such as missed calls, call waiting, calls not picked up, or the number dialed being out of service or connected to fax machines, can hamper the productivity of the contact center to an alarming degree. In order to combat such issues, outbound dialers are installed, which in turn accelerates performance, measured in Talk Time per Hour (TTH).

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