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Why Call Center Managers should focus more on Call Disposition Codes?

Call center managers want their team to excel in all the required fields for satisfying customers, whether it is from resolving a customer query to explaining the features of the particular service or a product. But do managers think about the plight of their agents after handling a frustrated customer due to lack of information and long call back periods? Customers wish to get the best out of the service or product purchased by them. But these days happy customers are becoming myth. This is mainly due to lack of attention or priority being provided to them. It’s not the fault of agents if they forget to call a high priority customer or they keep on asking the same customer about the issue they are facing rather it is because of the software they are using.

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5 Optimum Methods to Reduce your Call Center Cost

Call centers are still perceived as cost centers, even though they are not. You can turn it into a profit center if you minimize your extra cost.

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How to Improve the Call Center Data Quality [infographic]

The success of any call center campaign starts from its data accuracy. Accurate data is the foundation to top-notch customer service. It is estimated that Call center managers spend an average of 20% to 30% of their time scrubbing through bad data. But, how can you insure that your campaign starts off with the right step. Here the infographic by Experian that reveals the necessary steps to improve the call center’s data quality.

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Key Considerations of Customer Effort Score as a Business Metric

The modern era of business has fortified the concept of customer delight which has led to technological transformation in every organization seeking towards achieving business goals. Customer delight has created the need for awesome customer experience. Organizations are focusing more towards creating strategies for improving the service level. But how many times do you think that a customer associates with a brand due to its top class service? How many times the customer comes back to a brand particularly because his query was resolved swiftly? Let me tell you the most important part of the customer lifecycle; they get associated with one brand and then the other.

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4 Crucial Benefits of Call Tracking

Call tracking software helps the agents in monitoring and analysing the customer's calls. Call tracking is an easy way to assess the customer’s intelligence and it even helps in tracking the company’s ROI. At the same time it helps in measuring the key performance level of your agents. The few benefits of  call tracking software have been listed below:

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How to Improve Schedule Adherence in Call Centers

Call center schedule adherence is a kind of metric used, in order to determine whether or not the agents are working the amount of time they are intended to. Schedule adherence is important in call centers for ensuring smooth transitions between shifts, but is one of the biggest challenges faced by call centers today. Recently, during a research study it was found out that “a single agent who is regularly ‘short’ on work-time adherence by 20 minutes per day throughout the year, costs the company 83 hours of lost work and $1,000 in wages (based upon an avg. $12/hr.),”. “This extrapolates to nearly 1,000 customer calls not handled by that agent over that same period!”

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6 Best Practices in Quality Monitoring for Call Centers

Customer experience management is of prime importance for all call centers. The customers come to a conclusion whether to continue doing business with that company or switch to a competition based on how their interactions are managed. Therefore, it is imperative for companies to adopt best practices to focus on customer retention and manage effective interactions.

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Customer Satisfaction as a Key Business Metric

Organizations must understand the role of customer satisfaction for creating new customers and retaining the existing ones by increasing their loyalty for the brand. These loyal customers not only provide you with consistent business but also with a lot of referrals.

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How Call Monitoring and Scoring Helps Contact Center Agents

Call monitoring and scoring in contact center plays a crucial role in providing  valuable insight on customer’s needs for making more informed business decisions. Contact center managers are increasingly using monitoring and scoring in order to enhance the performance of agents for improved levels of customer service, thus increasing the overall efficiency and profitability of the contact center.

They are considered among the best methods to ensure that your call center workforce is effective and providing excellent service.

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