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Technology, software, application, solution, I have been living these since a past few months, and to tell you the fact the alien terms are gradually transforming and mesmerising, yeah it suddenly turned out to be beautiful.. ‘tech and beauty’, weird combination, but that is how i like relating things. Well, my idea was to bring out the fact that how proud you feel when you know the technology behind the market giant, servicing millions of people across the globe is actually developed by a citizen of our country. This was exactly what i felt when i came to know about some of the services that i use like Book my Show, Myntra, Acer, Fortis Healthcare are able to serve us by the help of software product that is developed in my own country, i.e. truly Indian entirely global.( with reference to my last blog)

As India remains the land of Aryabhatta, where something was made out of nothing, who gave the world zero (0). How can innovation not be pervasive in such a country. The only thing required is to push oneself out of the comfort zones and realise one’s intellectual capability, and take the one big risk, the entrepreneurial risk.

Do we not want this same thing to come across often, where we can be as self sufficient in terms of technology and products like any other developed country, where our products travel across the globe and create a benchmark, building brand. This is possible only when more and more Product-based Companies (PBC) are born from our own country, where an idea is germinated and innovating a brand new product, a product that actually belongs to the company.

Along with the innovation and development, encouragement is equally crucial for the existing PBCs. The notion of ‘west is best’ needs to shed off and time to build trust in our country’s ideas and innovation. A Japanese’s first choice would be Toyota and not a BMW, their priorities lies in promoting their homeland products, this is how they support and contribute to their economy. Well that remains the secondary point, no initiative goes unnoticed, all that is needed is continuous improvement and tough spirit of competition.

We must not forget the big hits like TATA, Mahindra, HCL Technologies, Wipro.. though a very few on counts. We come across a lot of products from developed countries because of the fact that they take initiatives, nurture the idea and invest taking that ‘one big risk’ and believe in it. We need to stand strong on the same to move from being a service hub to product innovators.


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