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Understanding the Customer of 2014

There is no doubt that customers have moved on and become highly aware of the markets. This is not just in the local or regional sense, but on a global level. If a customer in Vietnam wants a carpet which he saw on a Turkish website, they can order it with a click, pay for it through any online payment services, and have it delivered to their doorstep within a few days. A Turkish carpet is of richer quality than what may be available locally and gives a sense of owning something exclusive. Both the customer and the vendor in Turkey are happy with the transaction. But what about the local carpet dealer?

It is not just that e-commerce is steadily decimating retail businesses worldwide. E-commerce has given purchasing power to the consumer and as well as a sense of entitlement. They research online as well as in physical stores for the best product available. Consumers do not mind if the research takes a long time because in the end, the product they buy will be worth the effort.
Deliver great customer experience
We know that the customers are looking for products and services which give them satisfaction and provide a great experience. A great product ends up enhancing the life of a consumer and that is not an easy achievement. Enterprises have to create products that improve lives and make customers happy. It is all about the happiness factor.
Customers will be happy when they get a great product in their hands. For example, look at all the smartphones. Though their usability is a maximum of two years, because a new amazing phone launches every two months, customers are happy with the phones they have. This is because within those two years, they have maximized the phones productivity. When technology advances, they go for a better phone, one that provides them value and helps them achieve maximum efficiency.
Regardless of brands, smartphones have become an integral part of human lives. In times of disaster, people have tweeted or messaged friends on Facebook and emergency services were able to reach them on the exact location within minutes. Hurricane Sandy of 2012 in Eastern coast of US saw Red Cross use their social media statistics to keep a check on their employees and find out people who needed help. This is the impact that mobile technology products have had on our lives.
So as an enterprise, can you say that your products also deliver the same experience? Can your customers say that it provides them value? Do they think that it is an integral part of their lives?
Well, if it is not so, you can make it so. A robust contact center software allows you to provide exceptional customer service by streamlining the business, integrating various departments, carrying out front- and back-end services seamlessly, and giving you an edge in the market. High business up-times ensure that customers can reach you anytime and get the assistance they need. The goal is to make their lives easy and the best way to do that is by making your operations easy.

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