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4 Proven Ways to Reduce Repeat Calls in Contact Centres


We are well aware of the fact that customers are impatient and tend to get annoyed when they fail to receive what they seek. Contact centres at times are not able to offer desired assistance or services to the customers, which make them repeatedly call contact centers. It is a tedious job to regurgitate the same issue over and over again and at the end, the customer realizes that he needs to call back again because his complaints are not resolved. There are many technologies deployed by contact centers to fight this challenge, but the problem still seems to be prevailing.

Here are some of the ways that will ensure customer satisfaction and diminish repeated calls:

#1. Connect customers to the right agents: Customers should be connected to the right agent so that they receive an instant response to their queries. Skill-based routing could be helpful in this case wherein specific workgroups can be created as per different criteria, and customers can be mapped to the right resource. High priority customers that require highly personalized services, can be redirected to Subject Matter Experts or specific work groups within the organization, or at a remote location. Such intelligent routing mechanism reduces the number of escalations and increases First Call Resolution.

#2. Identify the reasons of repeat calling: It is important your agents identify reasons that drive customers to make repeated calls. It could be possible that your agents are not being able to understand the issues to which the customers are seeking assistance. This could be addressed by conducting appropriate training for your agents. Once your agents are able to understand customer needs, they will be able to offer instant help which will lower down the hassle of customers calling in again.

#3. Try to understand the hidden concerns of your customers: There may be times when a customer would call not for one issue but multiple issues. Besides, the problems expressed by the customers, try to understand the untold problem too. Agents get used to listening to complaints and with the passage of time find it easy to figure out the other problems a customer could possibly have. This will not only prevent customers from repeating calls but also improve customer satisfaction.

#4. Improve agent skills: Agents play a vital role in delivering quality service to customers. As long as your agents do not perform well, your customers cannot receive what they want. Therefore, ensure that your agents’ skills and knowledge are improved so that they are able to perform their best. You may also provide an accessible help desk for agents so that they are able to seek help when facing trouble in solving a problem. Always ensure your contact center encourages and incentivize agent engagement.

What in your opinion could be the other reasons for customers to repeat calls? 

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