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What is a Help desk Ticketing System and Why is it Important?


Organizations work hard towards maintaining their bottom line. Since the time organizations have started understanding the what and how of customer experience, they have been promoting a customer-centric culture. Simply put, customer-centricity refers to putting the customer at the center of what you do. Even, Gartner has declared Customer Experience as the new battlefield. Acknowledging the need to improve customer support and satisfaction is not enough. The organizations need to put in place the right measures to achieve the goals of delighting their customers. One of the most important ways of doing that is by having a Helpdesk Ticketing System.

What is a Help desk Software?

It goes by many names – help desk, customer support desk, or service desk software. But, by definition, a help desk support system enables the companies to resolve customer issues efficiently by simply automating complaint resolution process with ticket management. The lines can sometimes be blurred between a help desk management system or IT service management. But, the help desk is primarily focused on managing customer concerns whereas, IT service management caters to the needs of the internal functioning as well.

Now that we have established what a Help desk software is, let us move onto why it is important for an organization to buy an efficient help desk software solution.

Importance of Help desk Management System (HMS)

There can be threefold advantages of having a help desk software solution – for customers, agents, and the business.

#1 Customer Satisfaction

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#2 Agent Productivity

#3 Business Benefits

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Now that we are aware as to what exactly is customer service help desk, we can better appreciate its benefits for not just the customers but organizations too. Having an all-inclusive ticket management system is the need of the hour. If a brand wants to delight it’s customers at every touch point, they need to have a ticket management system that helps them to offer an omni-channel customer support. After all, an excellent customer experience starts with an excellent help desk.

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