When in Indonesia…do as.., Well, Its all upto you.. A fantastic evening in Jakarta.

Drishti-Soft as one of the sponsors in TBCCII Award 2012 (ICCA)
From the land of mythologies to the land of opportunities, Indonesia is fast emerging as a global business hub. My recent visit to this 3rd biggest democracy of the world, changed my perspective of the Indonesian market. The occasion ladies and gents was the TBCCII Award Ceremony 2012, at the suave, Indonesia Contact Center Association in Jakarta.

If ever there was a mix of the bulls and bears there were also teetotalers like me. As the presenter of the award I met entrepreneurs both small and big, but it were the rookies who took the centre stage. The other trend that stood out in this terms ceremony was the emergence of women entrepreneurs, if it were up to me Iâ€d give away awards for the best dress, the best smile, and such for the beautiful ladies that graced the occasion.
But the life of a cubiclewallah is not meant for such contrivances it is meant for numbers and stats and held hostage to the economics of survival. So here are a few stats that I happened to impress an earnest intern with:
The Indonesian call center market is big and by big I mean big, because more than a 1000 people just came from this industry alone at the awards. The name of the game is SMBs ladies and gents because a lot of startups, you know the 50 to 100 seater ones serve as the quarterbacks for the expansion goals of the industry.
Wandering on to the ambience of the event I moved towards the dinner table. So I talked to this guy from the ICCA Hong Kong, because I hate eating alone at an event. So small talk led to a discussion and eventually a typical business analysis of the entire scenario, here is what he had to say, “I am an HR guy, so from my perspective there is a massive scope for lending training expertise to the Indonesian call center markets.” Judging from the MTI influence of most of the speakers at the event I agreed that the guy had a point. Ancillary Industries would hate to miss this open barbeque,(loved the food !) and are already exploring advanced options to cater the industry.

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