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Why do you need a Dialer Software for Outbound Call Center?

Why you need a dialer software


In the world of automation, what if someone told you that you can also automate your dialing strategy and maximize your business productivity? If your agents are still stuck with the age-old manual dialing process, then let me remind you, you have lost a huge potential to gain new customers. While you thought investing in a call center dialer software center will shake your budget, you already have put your agents’ efficiency at stake with manual dialing.

Out of the 100 calls that are made, only 15 reaches the right people and when your business’ productivity depends on making outbound calls, these numbers can be really threatening.

An autodialer can be more than just a time and cost-saving software, it increases the agents’ productivity from 120% to 300% on an average. The right Contact Center Dialer will not only increase business productivity but will also simplify your agents’ life with its flexible dialing algorithm.

How an Auto Dialer can Improve your Business’ ROI?

Call center auto dialer improves connect rates, eliminates the need for manual dialing, and increases the lead conversion rate significantly.

Increased Connect Rate

With an automated outbound call software , you can save your agents’ time. Calls are initiated automatically and outbound call center software’s powerful algorithm of answering machine detection (AMD) intelligently detects if there’s a busy tone, answered by a machine, call disconnected, or call not answered. In such scenarios, the dialer for call center will not patch the call to the agent unless a human voice is detected and it automatically starts dialing the next number in the lead list.

This increases agents’ talk time from an average of 15-20 minutes an hour to 40-45 minutes an hour, thus maximizing their productivity. Your business’s efficiency also increases with more call connections and fewer agents.

Contextual Conversations

An Outbound contact centre software is worth every buck but pairing dialer capabilities with crm integrations is a must.

With a dialer software for call center integrated with your in-house or third-party CRM, allow your customers to preserve the context of each conversation and deliver a personalized experience. Yes, it matters! 

Your agents can access the customer’s information prior to the call even if they are working remotely. With a preview dialer in place, you can ensure that your agents get the information required and they deliver the best customer experience for each call.

Customer’s preview prepares the agents for the call and the personalized experience is well appreciated by the customers.

Intelligent Call Assignment to Agents

Predictive dialer solution predicts the average time spent on a call by an agent and it will automate the call assignment on the basis of its prediction.

For instance, Agent A takes 7 minutes to handle a call and Agent B spends an average of 4 minutes on a call, the automated dialer software routes the next call to Agent B on the basis of their availability to ensure maximum utilization of the agents.

Define Pacing Algorithm

Too many calls per agent can become a bottleneck for them. With dialer’s pacing algorithm, you can pre-define the number of calls to be dialed out per agent to reduce the call drop ratio. If there are 10 agents in a queue, the pacing ratio can be set to 1.5 calls per agent ensuring that there are not huge call drops.

The dialer software analyzes the past interaction and the average handling time to adjust the pacing ratio. For instance, if 10 agents handle 60 calls in an hour, it will dial out the calls according to their availability.

Best Time to Call

This world wonder for businesses that are trying to get hold of their agents at the right time. Now, to remind a school teacher for their installments, calling between 9 AM to 3 PM would not be advisable.

Ameyo’s intelligently built dialers detect when to call the customer with its ‘Not Call Before’ feature. It determines the availability of the customers on the basis of previously collected data of past interactions and will initiate a call when the customer is available to answer it.

Retry Time Configuration

Not all calls get connected but you can ensure result driven calling with retry attempts for such calls. The supervisor can set the time duration after which the outbound dialer will dial out the list of numbers that didn’t connect in the first attempt. You can also configure the number of retry attempts.

It can be configured in two ways:

System Disposition: Supervisors can filter out the data for system disposition and set a retry time for calls that require urgency. For instance, when a Customer X has registered for a complaint, the supervisor can set a retry attempt within 24 hours to reach out to the customer for complaint redressal.

User Disposition: Poor network connectivity, call quality, or call hung up may lead to bad customer experience. Filtering out this data on the basis of predefined dispositions, supervisors can define the retry time for such calls according to the business-specific requirements.


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