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Why Omnichannel Customer Experience is the key to an Inbound Call Center Software?


Life is all about experiences. We humans are emotional beings and these experiences that we go through determine the level of trust and confidence we place in people, places, products and services. Talking about “Services” , it’s a bit different than the other variables.

You know why? Because we expect it to be good and it’s not just the one time, but as customers – we seek consistency. A remarkable customer experience in not a one time job, it’s true value lies in an exquisite, consistent customer experience.But the truth is almost every one of us has a bad customer experience where we have waited long hours in call center queues and have still come out with unresolved queries. At times we all have felt as if the agents were toying with us and let me tell you, it’s not pleasant. It’s a bad experience and brings down a brand’s trust level and eventually reduces the Customer lifetime value. But agents don’t do that deliberately.

Most of the times, we face such scenarios because of the agents using an archaic and inefficient inbound call center software with a simple queue based approach. Having a manual approach of routing calls is passe. With the advent of a plethora digital communication channels, inbound call centers today receive customer queries via multiple channels and handling queries manually only makes things worse.

Intelligent automated routing is the answer. Having Inbound queries automatically routed based on customized rules saves a lot of time for the agents and even resolves queries on priority basis. Below are the top three advantages of going Omnichannel for addressing inbound call center software queries :-

Efficient Query Handling with a Unified Customer Interaction Management Platform

Revive your agent productivity with a unified call center platform. With all interaction channels in one single interface, agents save a great amount of time switching between channels. Thus, while handling queries on chat, sending emails, monitoring social media interactions it takes less effort and improves effectiveness. Other benefits include efficient reporting, monitoring and management of all customer interactions.

Personalized & Prioritized Customer Experience

Delivering a noteworthy omnichannel customer experience consistently is a huge challenge. Addressing all customer queries as same is not going to work anymore.Due to ever increasing customer queries, companies have to prioritize queries while providing a smooth experience at the same time. Majority of the call center softwares still work in silos and agents struggle having a personal & contextual conversation with prospects.

Thus, having a call center platform with omnichannel capabilities helps you in building intelligent rules based on analyzing data points across different communication channels as live chat, call, Email, Linkedin, Twitter , SMS & other social media platforms. All in all it helps in shorter waiting queues, quick customer query resolution and prioritized service.

Up-selling & Cross Selling Opportunities

Customer – Query is regarding Hotel booking ID XXX at YYYY Resorts.
Requirement -> Additional service -> Airport Pick Up service

Scenario 1 ( Routed on priority– Variables : Time to travel, Past Bookings)


Hi AAA, thank you for contacting ZZZ. I see that you have been one of our valued customers and we would certainly arrange that for you. Please let us know your timings and we will send you your pickup details shortly. This one’s on us. Have a great trip! ( Based on frequent bookings made in the CRM, and prior Customer reviews on Social Media)

Scenario 2 ( Routed on Priority– Variables Time to Travel, Average Booking Size, Room Selections)


Hi AAA, thank you for contacting ZZZ. I am so sorry to inform you that we don’t have any tie ups with Taxi Services as of now but what we could do is upgrade you to your favorite sea facing suite with a King sized bed for a nominal charge of 300. Will that work for you?


Sounds sweet to me. Great I will take it.

The point is – with all the historical customer data gathered via different interaction channels, agents can come up with the right deals at the right time. It just makes the customer go Wow! It helps build a customer experience that is unforgettable, and remembered for life.

I believe these benefits are just the tip of the iceberg and Omnichannel capabilities stretch far beyond this. Please share with me other use cases that showcases the advantages of going omnichannel. Let’s create beautiful CX memories together 🙂 

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