Why You Should Rethink Your Social Customer Service Strategy [Infographic]

With the advancement in technology and people becoming more tech savvy, organizations are making a shift towards a more strategic customer oriented program. The new age customers are informed  and expect quick resolution to their queries. The traditional communication process has been replaced by various channels like social, email, mobile, chat, etc. In brief, omnichannel communication has conquered the world of customer service where businesses focus more on improving customer retention and building brand loyalty. Social customer service is one of the strategy that has changed the way businesses interact.
Study by Bain & Company shows that “when companies engage and respond to customer service requests over social media, those customers, on average, end up spending 20% to 40% more with the company.” Social media platforms have also provided customers with the power to voice their opinion by sharing a positive or a negative feedback about the provided service. Thus, organizations must rethink on their social customer service strategy to create seamless interaction experience for customers.

The below mentioned infographic by customer service in the cloud shows some important facts about social customer service that organizations must use in their daily operations to better serve their customers:

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