Why Your Business Needs A Customer Interaction Management Software?

Customer experience thought leader, Shep Hyken has very accurately said, “Recognize that every interaction you have is an opportunity to make a positive impact on others.” This quote mirrors the underlying business requirement to have seamless customer-focused interactions at each stage of a buyer’s journey. Customer interaction management (CIM) is simply defined as the process an organization follows to handle all the interactions with its customers.

Customer interaction management can make or break the deal as it hampers the customer experience and eventually customer satisfaction index.

3 Major Areas of Customer Interaction Management

As an organization, you need to evaluate the following core areas to identify how well are you managing your customer interactions:

1. Handling Interactions Across Multiple Media Channels

Today’s digital customers interact with a brand through various channels like phone, email, social , web chat, etc. at their convenience and even if they swap between few channels, they view their conversation across these mediums as one single interaction. For customers, brand is a single entity and changing the mode of communication should not mean losing the context of previous interactions from the organization’s point. Thus, your business firstly, needs to be present across all the relevant media platforms and secondly, should be able to manage interactions in an omnichannel manner.

2. Maintaining Cross-Functional Data Synchronization

Be it Sales, Customer Support, or Account Management, the way businesses manage their customer interactions across departments holds the key in retaining and expanding customer base. A customer might interacts with different departments simultaneously, but it is the organization’s responsibility to ensure that all the information regarding their queries, feedback or some new requirement should not just be captured and updated in the system but are visible to respective teams in a cohesive manner. Ensuring data transparency gives better insights to Support team for delivering personalized service, Account Management team to identify upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

3. Empowering Call Center Agents to Drive Better Interactions

Call center agents can best serve your customers by providing quick and right answers to their queries. Most businesses have multiple systems like CRM, order management system, lead management system, etc. and it becomes one harrowing task for agents to navigate across all these systems to answer every customer query. Toggling multiple screens hampers agent productivity and deteriorates the quality of customer interactions. Call center agents should be empowered with right call center tools that reduce the complexity to access customer information to drive better interactions.

How Customer Interaction Management Software Helps

Once you have identified the gaps in your customer interaction process, the next step is to evaluate and implement a customer interaction management software which can fix your customer interaction cycle to ensure that your customers are delighted whenever they interact with your brand.

A smart customer interaction management software will help your business to improve across the different types of customer interactions. Following are the key benefits of implementing a customer interaction management solution:

Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Customer interaction management software helps a business to streamline customer interactions across multiple channels in a synchronized way. With an omnichannel CIM software, customers perceive they are having a single interaction with a brand in spite of hopping from one communication medium to another during the course of their conversation for getting specific issue resolved. Organization on the other hand, is in a better position to map the entire customer journey for better engagement.

360 Degree View of Customer

With a right customer interaction management solution, an organization can map all the customer information in a centralized manner. Since, customers might be interacting with multiple departments simultaneously, CIM software can help to provide a 360 degree view of customer by updating any information change across different departments and processes. Any customer is viewed as a single entity and agents can view customer interaction history for delivering superior and personalized customer experience.

Unified Agent Desktop

Reducing the process complexity for agents is a crucial benefit of implementing a customer interaction solution. It provides an agent with all the required customer information on one single screen. The easy access to complete details in one go helps to resolve customer issues quickly and context of previous interactions helps in personalizing the conversations. Also, smart CIM software provide an integrated knowledge base with related information about the products and other related offerings, which aids contact center agents to provide right assistance to customers.

Streamline customer interactions across all the channel with Omnichannel Contact Center

Businesses need to realize that every interaction is relevant, even the small ones, therefore, they must make every interaction count. Customer interaction software strengthens customer engagment, loyalty and, improves customer experience along with improving internal operational processes and increasing agent productivity.

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