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Your Customers are Demanding Omni-Channel Communications. Are you Game?


Did you know that 89% of your customers can be retained with an omnichannel customer engagement strategy in place? This is in comparison to 33% of companies with weak Omni Channel strategies, says a recent studies by Aberdeen Group Inc. Customers today expect more. They seek seamless and consistent customer experience online. A survey conducted by Lordhouse on 7,000 customers across 7 countries shows that “67% of online shoppers have made purchases that involve multiple channels in the past 6 months.” Consumers do not want to be restricted to a single communication channel. They are demanding technology that will allow them to start communicating on one channel and then smoothly glide on to another without having to restart the conversation. In other words, they are asking for omni-channel communications, but the real question is – are you ready for this?

Why and How Brands Must Go Omni-channel

MIT’s recent report, Beyond the Checkout Cart, states thatthe omni-channel consumer is the central force shaping the future of e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores alike.” It further suggests that “80% of store shoppers check prices online, with one-third accessing the information on their mobile device while inside the actual store.” The figures indicate that the consumers are approaching retailers from multiple angles. So, a contact center needs to gear up to stay ahead of the curve with the following strategies:

Your omnichannel will work if you:

1. Support collaboration of internal omni-channel by investing in marketing, sales and technology teams that are aligned to the company’s goals.

2. Think about the context and content before launching your marketing campaign. It should be the right mix of communication medium with content that assures customer engagement.

Leverage the changing consumer behavior pattern by repositioning your brand and value proposition. Steer clear of the conventional approach that might make you lose market share or cut down on profitability. Create a seamless, holistic and uniform channel of communication to stay ahead in the race

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