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Ameyo Agent-Assisted IVR

    Facilitates Meaningful Conversations and Enhances Customer Experience 

    Ameyo Agent-assisted IVR

    The Agent-assisted IVR maximizes the performance of an automated self-service session by bridging an agent to the session when the application encounters an issue. The agent can dynamically direct pre-recorded phrases to initiate a dialog with the caller, without the caller knowing an agent is involved. This helps in eliminating customer frustrations caused by complex-structured menu options and speech recognition errors.


    • The new feature allows the agent to gain a better control over customer interactions
    • It maintains the quality of the service by relying on automation while limiting the amount of human intervention
    • It eliminates any scope of errors, brings uniformity in interaction processes, and increases the ease of use for the agents
    • It improves call completion rates, allows for more effective agent segmentation, reduces costs, and improves customer satisfaction