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CTI - Computer Telephony Integration

Take a more Data-Driven Approach to Customer Interactions with CTI

Computer Telephony Integration


What is Computer Telephony Integration?

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is a useful tool for agents handling customers and their information. CTI functionality makes screen pop‐ups with customer information available to agents prior to the call connection with the customer. The CRM lists all relevant fields to the agent so that the customer can be serviced in the fastest time possible. The workbench is highly robust and allows the user to transfer the call to another party, put the caller on hold, or dispose the call efficiently.


With the pre‐integrated database and CRM, contact centers can maintain and manage multiple client relations in a more efficient manner. Screen pop‐ups allow agents to access customer information in real‐time, mapping into a GUI‐based interface through the database. Computer Telephony Integration software enables the agents to provide faster service, cross‐sell, and have qualitative interactions.

Benefits of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

  • Enterprises can integrate their resources with different business communication platforms to efficiently coordinate customer interactions.
  • CTI has the capabilities to provide call centers with functionalities linking agent desktops to customer information database for screen pop‐ups. The functionality queues and route multimedia interactions successfully.
  • With CTI screen pops, call centers increase productivity as implementing it reduces the normal call duration of every call.
  • CTI brings accuracy in the process of data entry. 

Are You Looking To Implement CTI Technology?

Ameyo helps call centers to seamlessly integrate with various  business communication platforms and CRMs to achieve better agent productivity while delivering consistent customer service and creating memorable customer experience.

Easy integration available for the following leading applications-