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Parallel Predictive dialer for contact centers

Enhances Customer Experience by Enabling Targeted and Skill-based Outbound Campaigns

Parallel Predictive Dialer

Ameyo’s Parallel Predictive Dialer (PPD) enables effective and targeted outbound campaigns for contact centers. Earlier, defining the contact strategy by assigning appropriate agent­ skills was limited to just the inbound processes. Now with PPD, AMEYO simplifies the customer­-specific dialing processes. Ameyo PPD call center dialer ensures target-­based and skill­-based dialing for targeted outbound campaigns. This new dialing mode is a customer­-oriented solution that granulates the outbound dialing strategy to achieve a more targeted campaign.

Benefits of Parallel Predictive Dialer

  • Consolidates diverse dialing campaigns based on process requirements while doing parallel prediction for each.
  • Allows to set up customized dialing parameters specific to different campaigns addressing a diverse set of customers.
  • Enables targeted and skill-­based outbound dialing enhancing customer experience.