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Ameyo Preview Dialer

    Allow Agents to Control the Dialing Process

    Ameyo Preview Dialer

    Ameyo preview dialer is an auto dialer that automatically proposes the next call to dial based on campaign settings and provides the agent an opportunity to prepare before placing the call. With preview dialer contact center agents are able to see the next call in the list, and is up to them when to make the call and is also allowed to skip to the next name on the list. This can be ideal for complex sales where a bit of research is required between calls to increase the chances of success.


    • Allows sequential dialing from a particular contact list.
    • The contact center agent here can “preview” the contact record prior to the call, based on which s/he can decide to continue or switch to the next contact.
    • Automatically presents customer information (including transaction history, previous conversations, etc) prior to the system dialing the number.
    • Agent is provided with complete control over the dialing process

    Preview dialer is an effective automatic dialer for agents who wish to control the dialing process, and gather customer information or research before making the call. It also allows the agent to prioritize contacts and dial accordingly.