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Screen Capture Tool to Enhance Agent Efficiency


Agent’s skill development  is crucial for any contact center in order to improve service levels and call performance. And agent skill development begins with agent monitoring. Their skills need to be monitored, improved and coached from time-­to-­time to boost customer satisfaction and retention.

Ameyo Screen Recording tool is aimed at support processes for contact centers and enterprises that rely on technology to enhance agent efficiency and drive customer satisfaction. This screen capture tool automates the agent evaluation process and enables managers/supervisors to monitor agent’s performance by creating a depository of the content of agent’s desktop screen during the call. This qualitative data is further analysed for specific skill-­based training for individual agents.


  • Access to the actual screen recordings detects non­-compliances to regulations, unauthorized activities, frauds and reduces potential liability
  • Recorded data can be utilized during agent’s performance reviews
  • Appropriate analysis of screen recordings can help in improving skills and efficiencies of the agents by showing them their strengths and improvement areas.
  • Extract insights to prepare training material for providing highly effective coaching sessions.